Project NHL 36 v2.2 and xECK29x Premier Pivot Rosters v2.1

For the benefit of those who do not frequent the Game Addons and Rosters Forum, it is great to see two alternatives to the TBL Rosters appear and to be continually updated. It is worth noting that both of BKarchitect and xECK29x have been putting in a lot of work into their updates and they are well worth checking out. Here’s a brief summary of their rosters:

Project NHL 36 v2.2
Link: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=18491&p=232712#p232710

The database intends to allow users to play out the ultimate NHL expansion fantasy with 36 teams in the NHL whilst maintaining an 82 game schedule template (for both regular and Olympic years). As a bonus, the AHL and ECHL each have 36 teams, allowing for a 1:1:1 farm team ratio. All main leagues should be playable except the SPHL (explained further down).

The latest release includes (in BKarchitect’s own words):

– Big news this time around is complete and accurate updating of the IIHF divisions for the 2017/18 season for the World Championships (WC, D1A, D1B, D2A, D2B, D3) and the World Juniors (WJC and D1 – the game doesn’t go beyond D1A). Read about how I got it to work and how it looks compared to real life here: viewtopic.php?f=150&t=18764#p232541

– Speaking of South Korea…I cleaned up and updated the national teams for all 16 teams in the main WC division. Now most of the major teams have already been covered in NHL and various major league updates but now the likes of SK, France, Norway, Belarus, etc should be fielding fairly accurate senior teams (using a mix of their 2016-17 WC rosters and results and players the nations have fielded in international events thus far in the 17-18 season). Also updated Great Britain and Japan along with the Asia League and the Elite Ice Hockey League structures although neither of those two leagues are fully tested as playable yet. 

– The usual roster and contract updates for North American and major European leagues. Not a lot of NHL action (the Marchessault extension is in there) but lots of CHL moves and a bunch of KHL moves made in the past couple weeks.

– Some tweaks to younger players based on some of the WJC action we’ve seen…nothing major, don’t want to over-hype a handful of games but some up-ticking of some prospects who have shown well for sure.

xECK29x Premier Pivot Rosters v2.1
Link: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=18708#p231992

Whereas we freeze the TBL Rosters as at the NHL opening game night, xECK29x continually updates the rosters. The latest release includes (in xECK29x’s own words):

– Based off of TBL 17-18 Beta rosters
– Recommended play using alternative ratings scale 0-100 (not required but it’s how I viewed the ratings when making them)
– This will NOT be a start of season roster
– NHL/AHL focused rosters
– HEAVILY updated: heights, weights, contracts, places of birth (over 100 added), player types, historical stats, favorite staff (many family connections added) and full re-ratings (CA + PA) of all players contacted to NHL/AHL/ECHL (WIP) teams.
– Over 100 staff added/updated/re-rated
– Touched up all staff on NHL/AHL/CHL/USHL/USHS/NCAA teams, ECHL is still WIP should be done in a few weeks.
– Updated AHL/ECHL contracted players (ECHL WIP)
– Added many high-profile U17 players (still on-going)
– Re-rated/updated top 100 for 2018 draft (will put more focus on this – eventual top 300 – after final Central Scouting and ISS reports come out)
– Added full player histories for almost all drafted/signed NHL prospects (NCAA players now have player histories!) – Still finishing for a few teams
– Updated FA staff/player pool (no more oddball signings of 80+ year old staff)
– Updated draft picks
– Updated transactions (for NHL/AHL/ECHL teams as of approx 26/12/17).
– 2018/2019 top picks (several top Euro prospects added for 2019), several random player updates throughout the world
– Yes it has Vegas and updated AHL/ECHL teams


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