Advanced notice: Forum upgrade late May/early June 2018

Just to let everybody know that the forum will be undergoing an upgrade very soon. I am aiming to upgrade next weekend (i.e. some time between Friday 25 May and Sunday 27 May). If I fall behind schedule then it will be the following weekend. It will be apparent when the upgrade is in progress as the site will be offline. This should be a relatively quick process assuming all goes to plan (I envisage around 1-2 hours to undertake the work).

I will be posting updates on our Twitter feed during the upgrade:

The forum software we are currently running is around 8 years old. So the new upgrade should bring us right up to date with security, optimisations, features, etc! 🙂 One of the most notable improvements will be a layout which adapts to your device. So if you’re viewing the site on a tablet or mobile/cell phone, you’ll get a tailored layout rather than the standard desktop layout. I for one am always viewing the forum on my phone.

Please note that the upgrade is part of a wide project to bring the site more up to date. Consequently this will be a work in progress with the rosters and the Editor taking priority. There will of course be plenty of opportunity for everybody to give feedback as I am keen to keep to tradition and maintain our community-driven ethos.

P.s. for those who are curious, we will be upgrading to phpBB 3.2.2:


Founder and webmaster of The Blue Line