SBHL is introducing a new add-on competition for our GMs to challenge their skills in a new perspective.

Follow your career starting out as a drafted prospect and onto the NHL, perhaps become a star player. Most likely scenario is you will at best turn into a 3rd line player, but it’s your dream to play in the NHL.  Will you have the determination to keep going and be the next Zetterberg or ride the bus in the AHL? 

It’s crazy to imagine that you will be adding to your already exhaustive role as a GM. Now you will be drafting a player to represent you in-game, showoff your keen eye for talent and development by taking your ‘Player’ self all the way from draft day to the BIG payday, as you compete with other GMs in the league to see which ‘Player’ self will have the best NHL career.
— ONLY SBHL GMs are eligible to participate—

How hard is it to make to the NHL?

A study was done in Ontario, Canada for all 10 year-old hockey players. At this time, there were 22,000 10 year-olds playing hockey in Ontario. Of these players only 110 made it to the OHL  and 22 more received scholarships to Division 1 schools.

This means that only 132 out of those 22,000 made it into the top feeder leagues for the NHL.

Of those 132 players, only 7 played in the NHL

Challenge Rules:

-To be eligible to be a Player, the prospect must be drafted in the 2nd round or later. (2nd-7th)

-The GM can designate which player will represent him as a Player in game.

– Selection of the designated ‘Player’ must be done right after the draft. (Once the game is back up from draft input. You have 24hrs to make your decision)
NO Player can be added after the 24hours, GM will have to wait until next year.
-The Player’s career will span as long as he has a pro contract (AHL/EHCL/NHL)
– Once he become a RFA/UFA without signing a pro contract then you can generate a new ‘Player’ after 1 full season has elapsed after you notify management of your intention to retire your persona.
– He will start out as a drafted prospect for the said GM and then develop as per usual.
-The GM will track his ‘Player’ persona career journey
– The GM is also allowed to trade the ‘Player’ to other team is he wants (still track his career)
– Only his NHL stats and major Achievements will be counted for the rating system
– A ‘player’ MUST follow his career until his ELC expires before consider generating a new Persona
– If the ‘Player’ doesn’t get offered an AHL/ECHL contract then see below
– If your ‘Player’ persona doesn’t pan out then you can’t create another one for 1 full season has elapsed after you notify management of your intention to retire your persona.
– You cannot select a player you already draft in previous year, has to be right after the current draft

Rating System:

– # of games played in NHL level  (1pt per game played)
– # of pts for Skaters (G-A-Pts) (1pt each for total pts)
– # of pts Goalies (W, T, SO) (2pts for W, 1pt for T, 5pts for SO )

– career AvR (10pts for 6.5 < , 10pts incremental for .5%)
– Reputation (10pts for Good, 20pts for Very Good, 40pts for Superb, 50pts for Star)
– # of major awards (20pts per year end Award)
– # of seasons in league (50pts each)

– # of Cup (50pts each Cup)

How to Participate:

  • PM me to get on the challenge list 
  • Get ready for the draft and then let me know if you want to get Player career started