SBHL- Playoffs

2022-23 Playoffs Recap:

After eight months of unforgettable moments and uplifting performances for the 30 team in the SBHL.  This year’s playoffs was a wild one with teams pushing the limits in order to lift the Stanley Cup. We had league suspensions dished out in both conferences due to compliance issues. 

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for their strong playoffs performance this year. The late acquisition of Kessel, Landeskog and Yakupov have propelled them to the championship level.

The Road to Glory:

Honorable Mentions:

The Yotes had an amazing run to the Finals. Knocking out the perennial contender Predator on their way to the Finals. However with the injury to Bobrovsky was too much for them.

The Young Canes were very eager to prove themselves this playoffs but after a stellar series vs the Capitals. They forgot how to score vs the Bruins and the Price was not really right. Hope they will be back stronger next season.