SBHL Season Review

2022-23 Season Highlights: 

Cap management will be an on going obstacle for many teams in the league. This season will probably be the beginning of many, as big named FAs sell their skills to the highest bidder. A prime example of cap crunching, the perennial contender Predators were able to dip into the FA market and nabbed Ovie from the Capitals. Many Capitals diehards were calling for their GM’s head after he let the face of the franchise go. Will the Capitals be considered a serious contender without Ovie? Some would say they will never make the Finals again, as they were knocked out in the 2nd round by the emerging Canes.

The league remains very competitive overall with young teams like the Yotes and Canes battling it out to the wire for the President Trophy. While other teams like the Sabres, Flyers, Stars, Kings and Oilers were very offensively focused with their top players reaching 100+ pts. On the other end of the spectrum, a few teams adopted the “shoot for the lottery” strategy to rebuild. The Habs, Wild, Sens, Nucks, Rangers were all vying for that top 3 draft position.

In the playoffs, the Bruins outplayed the competitions to win their 1st SBHL Championship. Their GM made some key trade deadline acquisitions to really bolster their lineup for the long march to the Finals. The Yotes were poised to go toe to toe with the Bruins but Bobrovsky went down with an injury.

Career Records (last season)

This edition we sat down and had a chat with the Habs’ GM – Nathan N “I like to emulate MB”

Career Record:  510GP – 209W – 235L
GF:  1714         GA: 1831
Players Acquired:  131        
Players Shipped out:  100

1. Now that you’ve been in the SBHL for 5 seasons, what is it like to play in this league?

A. its a competitive league thats balanced and fair .
2. Can you tell us what’s the most challenging part in building a successful team for you so far.
A. Finding the right pieces and making them fit.
3. What’s your plan for the rebuilding Habs in the next few seasons?
A. At the end of 2023. All of the Habs bad contracts expire which lets us go after the big free agent names. We wanna make playoff pushes in 2024
4. How do you know when you have completed your rebuild?
A. When we make the playoffs or come close.

Trade of the Year:
To Carolina Hurricanes – Carey Price

To St. Louis Blues – John Tavares, Jack Lafontaine

Analysis- The Canes really benefited from this trade. Price’s arrival really solidified the back-end for this team. They went on to win the President Trophy and Price was very solid in the playoffs.  ****

League Awards:

GM of the Year-  Arizona Coyotes – Alex

Most Improved GM-
Winnipeg Jets – Matt

Best Trader in the West-
Dallas Stars – Mason

Best Trader in the East- 
Boston Bruins – Andrew

Tank Commander of the Year-
Montreal Canadiens – Nathan

Teams on the Rise:  Coyotes, Kings, Canes

Teams on the Down slide: Canadiens, Sabres, Oilers, Flames