Be A Player Challenge

Introducing the Players

Our first set of players are ready to enter the BAP Challenge. While the draft class of 2022 was not the deepest, some teams did manage to get the prospect they want to start the long journey to the Big League. We are very excited to start following their career and progression in the next few seasons.

Boris Abstreiter (aka J-zizzle6519)
Detroit Redwings:

Boris is a smallish center, who look to score at every opporunity. He is gifted with speed and physical strength. Also a talented faceoffs specialist and has a wide variety of shots. Will need to improve his consistency. There are some scouts that think he might miss his mom home cooking too much to do well in NA.

Age: 18    Height: 5’11”     Weight: 163lbs
Shoot: L               Position: C
ISS Ranking: #199
Drafted By: Detroit Redwings 55th OA 2022 

Career Projection: 3rd line power forward

Montana Losier (aka TheGhostOfJoeWill)
Winnipeg Jets:

This gritty forward is known for his 2way game and his Big game mental strength. Above average hockey IQ to complement his playmaking skills. In order to be a successful NHLer, he’ll need to work on his Defensive awareness.

Age: 18    Height: 5’9″     Weight: 174lbs
Shoot: L               Position: C/RW
ISS Ranking: #45
Drafted By: Winnipeg Jets 37th OA 2022 

Career Projection: 3rd line playmaker

Maxim Nadon (aka wiggo)
Columbus Blue Jackets:

Max is a big kid with great skating and physical attributes. His amazing hockey sense and creativity makes him a threat every time he steps on the ice. As with most prospects, his defensive game needs work.

Age: 18    Height: 6’3″     Weight: 191lbs
Shoot: L               Position: LW/RW
ISS Ranking: #106
Drafted By: Columbus Blue Jackets 61st OA 2022 

Career Projection: 3rd line scoring forward

Nakeh Gagne (aka RyanZabby)
New York Islanders:

This smallish offensive defensive prospect can quarterback your offensive scheme with ease. His natural hockey sense makes him a key member of any team. Will need to really focus on the defensive side of his game to be able to crack the NHL level.

Age: 18    Height: 5’10”     Weight: 158lbs
Shoot: R               Position: RD
ISS Ranking: #53
Drafted By: New York Islanders 33rd OA 2022 

Career Projection: 3rd pairing offensive Dman

Vojtech Ruzicka (aka StormCloudsGathering)
Carolina Hurricanes:

This fantastic 2way talent will be a force if he can round out his game. His speed and puck handling skills will allow him to do amazing things. His consistency, defense and decision making will need to be worked on in the next few seasons.

Age: 18    Height: 5’11”     Weight: 178lbs
Shoot: R               Position: LW/RW
ISS Ranking: #68
Drafted By: Carolina Hurricanes 89th OA 2022 

Career Projection: Scoring forward, middle 6 winger

Taryn Beck (aka aussiehabit)
Vancouver Canucks:

A smallish centerman with good straight-line speed and average first-step quickness, but he is elusive and agile within tight spaces. He’s a cerebral player and an excellent stickhandler with soft hands who positions himself properly to exploit mistakes in the neutral zone. Will need to work on his defensive game and shot accuracy to reach the NHL.

Age: 18    Height: 5’9″     Weight: 154lbs
Shoot: L               Position: C
ISS Ranking: #62
Drafted By: Vancouver Canucks 34th OA 2022 

Career Projection:   3rd line, 2-way playmaker

Rudi Bozic (aka kuulapaa)
Los Angeles Kings:

A big gritty young Dman that can log heavy minutes. Strong physically and decent skater, focused on wearing down opponents with his physicality. Need improve movement off the puck and IQ.

Age: 18    Height: 6’3″     Weight: 205lbs
Shoot: L               Position: LD/RD
ISS Ranking: #83
Drafted By: Los Angeles Kings 85th OA 2022 

Career Projection:   3rd pairing, physical Dman