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Our first edition of the SBHL Quarterly, we will keep you up to date with latest development in the league.

Our Mission:
The SinBin Hockey League was created when our management team saw the need to have an online league that is built for all 30 gms. After 6 seasons, we have been quite successful in grooming and mentoring rookie GMs who are new to the online play. Our waiting list can be long but it’s worth the wait if you are serious about competing with others in a friendly yet competitive community.

Due to the long waiting period, last season some of our GMs asked us to create another league to help introduce the game to more people. Shortly after NOHL was created. It takes a team of dedicated and passionate GMs to ensure that it’s great experience for everyone.

Thanks to our commish team for all their hard work and dedication.

2022-2023 Mid-season Highlights:

  • Nearing the mid way mark of the season, the defending champ Bruins are continuing their strong performance and looking to repeat.
  • As predicted, teams are still struggling with their cap management and spending spree on crazy contracts
  • The league went through a rash of GMs leaving due to various reasons. Though our pipeline is still very strong.
  • There are a few teams that are still TANKING to make themselves competitive. Not a really good way to build your team and the league frown upon this method.
  • The high scoring and no defense Blues are making opposition goalies’ life miserable. Can they keep this up in the 2nd half of the season.

Previous Review


Career Records:
366GP – 78W – 247L
GF:   944                 GA:   1452
Players Acquired:   101          Players Shipped out: 46

The verdict is still out for this GM, has he improved overall after years of benefiting from lotto picks? This season will most likely be the 1st year that the Wings will make it into the PO. GM Olofsson need to improve his consistency. Also some tactical and development within the system would go along way to boost his rating.

Previous Rating:      Current Rating:

58      63

GM Rankings:

RnkPrv TeamGMAnalysisGM Rating
1BruinsAndrewA solid team that their GM inherited last season. He went on a tear and got them humming in the PO. Can they repeat the same feat this season, everything is pointing to Yes so far.B+
2PredatorsMichalThis team has been able to draft, develop and signed key players so it’s a testament to their GM’s abilities.A-
3YotesAlexA team with deep talent and young. They just need to put it all together in the PO.B+
4CapitalsPetriA wily veteran GM, seems to have a lot of tricks up his sleeves and not afraid to walk away from the negotiation table. Hated amongst his pers but his success make others a bit jelly.A-
5CanesSamA young and talented team but their salary demands might mean that this team will need to do the shuffle real soon.B+
6LightningJeffComing into a contending team, their new GM seems poised to continue to get the most out of this talented group.B
7BluesNine-0The ex-Bruins GM has resurfaced in St.Lou and has done a splendid job to get JT and Co. playing their best hockey. Fun and exciting hockey but will it make them a threat in the PO?B+
8PanthersLucaTheir GM is never afraid to pull the trigger to bring in top end talents to chase for the CUP. B
9OilersTomThe Oilers started with a talented young team. They are a bit older and many have moved on but they’ve remained competitive every year B+
10FlyersSimeonThe offense first strategy of the Flyers have their fans wanting more. Will it be a deep PO run? not this year.B
11KingsMarkkuIt’s been an up hill battle until last season for the Kings to see success. This season will be the benchmark to see if they can continue to be on top or was it just a one off. B+
12BlackhawksTyA talented team on the cusp of major overhaul, until then they are a threat!!!B
13DevilsDanielSchneider and Co. will continue to plug along until they can’t anymore. C
14PensEricThe Pens needed an experience GM and that’s exactly who they went out and hired. While mercurial and brash, their GM will make them competitive once again.C+
15WingsBenYears of lottery bonanza has allowed this team to gather enough talents to get them to move up the competitive ladder. Where they go from here is uncharted territoryC+
16NucksVicNo one really knows what is going on in Couver. The only thing that is working is high octane offense.B
17SharksEnkooThe verdict is still out on their GM’s ability. We will soon see C
18IslesRyanTaking over a team in transition is not easy but their GM has started to put his signature on the team. Look for them to be a PO team soon.B
19DucksStephenAnother team that have a solid core and they are looking to make an impact as a PO team this season.B-
20SabresBrodyCap issues have handcuffed their new GM but this should not stop them to be competitive for years to comeN/A
21JacketsWilliamThe Jackets are still out to prove that they should be considered one of the top teams in the league. There’s still time for this team to improve.C+
22 ^FlamesHasszNo doubt the Flames are a very solid team but their GM has not been able to add those 2-3 key players to really get them to the top. Big hole in net for the foreseeable future. B
23AvsLukasThe Avs have been blessed with a stable GM for a while now and they are competing every year. Just needing that extra gear to get them to the next level. C+
24StarsMartevThe team definite have a good core here, now they just need their rookie GM to get up to speed and get them competitiveC
25JetsDarrenThis team is messy and their new GM is getting them going the right direction from the look of thingsC+
26RagsWallyIt’s too early to tell whether the Rags are in good hands or not but we do like the direction they are heading under the guidance of their new GM. Love the team updates!!C
27LeafsJJWhile this team is solid, they can’t seem to get their act together. Could we see a BIG change coming soon?C
28 ^HabsTANKThis team is currently on auto due to perennially outdoing themselves in emulating Marc Bergervin.F
29SensJPAnother team that’s been at the bottom of the league for some time. Quick seems to have wasted his career playing for this franchiseF
30WildJoThe franchise have been suffering through a number of ineffective GMs over the years. Hope the tanking will stop soonF
We are always looking for a few good GMs to join our league. Got what it takes? We would love to hear from you.

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