Trade Deadline Edition 2023

SBHL Head Office –  Our trade deadline edition is here, who are the movers and shakers as we head into the end of the season and power up for the playoffs

Wild Blockbusters at the Trade Deadline:
There are generally two days reserved on the SBHL’s calendar that forecast a busier than normal news cycle and storms of transactions that the media will go wild over. The first comes on trade deadline day,  clear your calendars, charged mobile phones and expect to be very busy negotiating.

So far in the history of the SBHL we have not had such an arms race from the top contenders at the deadline like this one. When the Chicago Blackhawks decided to rebuild, their veterans such as Toews, Kane, Panarin and a few others were set to move.  The Hawks GM has been trying to move them since the beginning of the season, yet no success until the pressure of the pending PO run got too much for contenders and pretenders.

Panarin started the ball rolling by moving to the defending Champ Bruins a month before. However, with their huge salaries and asking price for Kane and Toews, who would be able to afford them? The Big Boys would show their hands on the last day of the deadline. Perennial powerhouse Predators and Capitals would once again dominated the headlines. Each decided that their current roster would need a significant boost, Preds went for Kane and Capitals settled for Toews, all in the span of a little more than 1 hours separating the two deals to be processed. These three teams are poised to make a significant run to the Finals once again. Which one of these ex-Hawks will meet each other in the Finals? This year’s playoffs promise to be an exciting one for all.  

2022-2023 At the Trade Deadline Highlights:

  • ROR went to the Canes to boost their Cup chances. The bigger question is what will happen to Price at the end of the season.
  • The Hawks went into a full rebuild mode by trading all of their key vets.
  • Leafs shipped off disgruntle Marner to the Jackets. 
  • There were a lot of discussions but some trades fell through due to the GM’s indecision to hold out for a better deal. For example, Quick was rumoured to be heading out of Ottawa a number of times but in the end the Sens got nothing for him.
  • The Oilers and Yotes seems to be content with their roster as they stayed put at the deadline.
  • The Nucks went shopping for aging veterans on their last leg or seldom used. Their GM’s goal is to turn these duds into studs, absurd attempt in the views of many.
  • The Panthers are scorching HOT coming into the 3rd quarter of the season. Taking over the top spot in the league in points.
  • The high scoring Blues are on pace to break the record for most GF and GA combined.

Key Trade Deadline Deals:
Ryan O’Reilly
Panthers – added Jamie Benn
Predators – added Kane
Capitals – added Toews

Cup Contenders:

Predators, Capitals, Bruins, Yotes, Panthers, Canes


Blues, Oilers

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Petri – Capitals

Career Records:
653GP – 400W – 184L
GF:   2496                 GA:   1898
Players Acquired:   190        Players Shipped out: 35

Known to be quite frugal when it comes to giving out contracts. His team management is one of the best in the league. Though the verdict is still out on his development abilities, but one cannot argue with his success rate.

Previous Rating:      Current Rating:

83      83

GM Hot Seat: Featuring Petri T

What do you think of the league currently?
Well, I enjoy it. I know it’s not a lot to say when I’m only in two leagues, but i pay way more attention to this league than the other one.
Do you like your chance of winning the Cup this year?
Yes, I think I’m a contender though getting the 3rd cup won’t be easy.
Which team(s) are you most afraid to go up against?
I shouldn’t be afraid of anyone but I should list a few. Won’t list any Western Conference teams because I would only face them in the Finals. I’d say Canes and Bruins
Other than Holtby, who is your MVP? And why?
New signing Forsberg. He came to fill Ovie’s shoes and has been my leading scorer so far. Unfortunately, he was injured again by the Nucks so we hope he’ll be ready come PO time.

2017 Draft – Where are they Now:

KSelectionPlayerDrafted ByCurrent TeamCareer RecordAnalysisGrade
1Patrick NolanBlue Jackets
454GP-185G-205A-+54(+-)-7.30AvRCurrently providing the 1-2 punch down the middle for the Jackets. A safe and solid 1st OA. Still need to produce more to take him to the next levelElite 1st line C with 2way ability
2Nico HischierCanucks
364GP-204G-207A-+25(+-)-7.58AvRThe fleet footed 1st line C is just starting to come into his own. Could be a great game breaker if he can put it all together.Elite 1st line C
3Owen TippettPredators
224GP-144G-118A-+112(+-)-8.25AvRA great scoring forward on an excellent team. Some are calling him a star alreadyElite sniper
4Gabe VilardiWingsBlues214GP-73G-75A–38(+-)-7.08AvRHaving a breakout year with the Blues. Physical 2nd line C that can score. There’s still room for him to grow.2nd line C
5Timothy LiljegrenYotes
313GP-25G-115A-+78(+-)-7.37AvRA projected offensive dman that’s still learning to fit into the Yotes system. Will need to improve defensive skills and fine tune offensively. Good upside3-4 Offensive Dman
6Eeli TolvanenFlames
314GP-161G-151A-+78(+-)-7.87AvRThis scoring speedster has become a major contributor on the Flames squad. Being stuck on the 3rd line might slow down his production.1st line sniper
7Casey MittlestadtBruins
365GP-133G-202A-+119(+-)-7.37AvRThe amazing BPA selection, Mittlestadt has developed into key playmaking C for the powerful Bruins. Elite 1st line C
8Elias PetterssonSabres
234GP-105G-149A-+75(+-)-7.76AvRA solid all around forward that produced 107pts last season. Sabres need to keep him producing to see success.1st line forward
9Kristian VesalainenKingsOilers131GP-50G-53A-+55(+-)-7.89AvRThis young offensive winger is just starting to find his game. Look for him to be a solid consistent contributor.2nd line forward
10Martin NecasAvalanche
216GP-105G-111A-+96(+-)-7.88AvRNecas has consistently produced after making a big splash in his 1st season. 1st line winger
11Callan FooteLightningNeftekhimik164GP-6G-55A–7(+-)-6.96AvRThis huge defensive dman is currently a victim of the Lightning’s cap crunch. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.3-4 Defensive Dman
12Matthew StromeDevils
361GP-57G-76A–3(+-)-7.28AvRThe youngest of the Stromes is having a hard time to fit into the Devils’ system. The talent is there. Being stuck on the 3rd line doesn’t help.Top 4 forward
13Jake OettingerLeafs
266GP-124W-108L-22T-0.901Sv%-7.26AvRYoung Jake has developed into a solid starter, probably one of the top G in recent years.Starting G
14Lias AnderssonCanesHV7144GP-6G-9A–11(+-)-6.82AvRCould Andersson be the biggest bust of this great draft? Busto
15Shane BowersPredators
136GP-31G-60A-+33(+-)-7.24AvRAnother one of the Preds’ many young talented players.Versatile top 6 C/RW 
16Michael RasmussenWildOilers146GP-18G-32A–50(+-)-6.58AvROriginally drafted by the Wild but scooped up from FA by the Oilers. He has stopped developing on the  defensively challenged Oils team.2way defensive forward
17Maxime ComtoisBluesHabs109GP-18G-29A–21(+-)-7.27AvRComtois hasn’t been able to developed into the playmaking forward that he was drafted for. Busto
18Nikita PopagayevWings
227GP-54G-71A–49(+-)-7.35AvRHighly touted when he was drafted but has not fulfilled his potential3rd line forward 
19Juuso ValimakiKings
241GP-11G-92A-+28(+-)-7.30AvRThis offensive dman has been a solid contributor to the Kings. There might be a bit of room left to improve5-6 offensive dman
20Robin SaloPanthers
282GP-19G-77A–2(+-)-7.00AvRGifted offensive dman, though has not been able to put up the numbers that he should.3-4 Dman
21Miro HeiskanenDucksAHL15GP-2G-5A-+0(+-)-7.00AvRA decent dman but has struggled to crack the Ducks’ lineupBust
22Dennis SmirnovHabsSeverstal253GP-37G-68A-+-28(+-)-7.02AvRMost people think that Smirnov was the biggest bust. To be fair, he was a UNR draftee so it was a long shot.Bust
23Nicolas HagueRangersDevils151GP-3G-29A–39(+-)-6.59AvRA huge defensive dman with shutdown potential. Still need to develop consistency to play at NHL level.3-4 Defensive Dman
24Urho VaakanainenFlyersBlackhawks284GP-14G-106A–36(+-)-7.13AvRFleet footed offensive dman. He needs to improve defensively if he wants to stay in the NHL.7th dman
25Marcus DavidssonBlackhawks
271GP-50G-87A-+78(+-)-6.79AvRA well rounded player with decent hands. Lacking defensive skillsBottom 6 forward
26Ostap SafinPanthers
318GP-71G-80A-+-17(+-)-7.28AvRA under rated player with good offensive skills.Middle 6 forward
27Stelio MattheosYotes
59GP-14G-9A-+0(+-)-7.19AvRSpeedy forward with a good shot. Lacks defensive awareness.Bottom 6 forward
28Elijah RobertsSharks
183GP-13G-45A–74(+-)-6.61AvRGifted with speed and decent passing skills. Defensivly challengedBust
29Luke MartinWild
106GP-2G-35A–48(+-)-6.59AvRA prototypical defensive dman. 3-4 Dman at best
30Kailer YamamotoCapitalsKings269GP-97G-118A-+19(+-)-7.46AvRNice offensive skills to go with good hockey instincts. Speed is a concern.Bottom 6 forward
We are always looking for a few good GMs to join our league. Got what it takes? We would love to hear from you.

Championship Winners:


GM Award Winners:

YearGM of the YearMost ImprovedBest Trader EastBest Trade WestTanker of the Year
2016-2017Jets – GinoPenguins – BrianPenguins – BrianCoyotes – AlexFlames – Hassz
2017-2018Preds – MichalPredators – MichalCapitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexRed Wings – Ben
2018-2019Capitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexHurricanes – SamPredators – MichalRed Wings – Ben
2019-2020Hawks – TyDevils – DanielPenguins – Stars – MasonLeafs – JJ
2020-2021Blues – RyanCoyotes – SamHurricanes – SamBlues – Ryan &
Oilers – Tom
Canadiens – Nathan
2021-2022Yotes – AlexJets – MattBoston – AndrewStars – MasonCanadiens – Nathan