SBHL Quarterly – 2024

SBHL Head Office – Another season is upon us and our GMs are stoked for the season opener. Let’s drop the puck already.

The 2022-2023 Playoffs Review:

Playoffs Highlights:
Coming into the Playoffs, the defending Champ Bruins looked to have a tough road to the Finals if they want to repeat as champs. The Western teams were eager to take revenge with the Blues, Yotes and Predators coming into the PO as top contenders. The Capitals, Canes and Panthers were in top form and ready to displace the Bruins as representative from the East. The Oilers with their great performance that almost took them to the Finals. In the Finals, the offensively driven Blues couldn’t break the Bruins’ defensive setup, going down to the defending champs 4-1. Congratulations to the Bruins for another great Playoffs.

Offseason/FA Season Highlights:
The past offseason was the best FA market that this league has seen. Stars such as Kane, Toews, Tarasenko, Panarin, Price, Landeskog and many other were looking for the highest bidders for their service. All the hype did not come to a bidding war as GMs were too afraid of overpaying for their service. While lower tiers teams like the Wild, Canadiens, Stars, Isles did not take this rare opportunity to turn their team around quickly by signing one of these talented free agents. At the end of it all, some teams were able to snatched up the FAs at a fairly reasonable price.

Wings- Ovechkin
Flames- Price
Predators- ROR, Tarasenko
Senators- Toews
Nucks- Kane
Avalance- Huberdeau

2023-2024 Season Preview:

  • Quite a few teams are operating very close to the salary cap once again. This will prove costly for some of them during the season. 
  • The Dallas Stars seems to be on a downturn as their GM has them playing catchup. They have hired an advisor from the East to help them map out a road to recovery.
  • The Predator’s ROR suffered a devastating injury and will be out for 8 months.
  • The youth movement has started in the league as many ageing veterans are winding down their career or have retired in the offseason.
  • The Wild GM is predicting that their team will be PO bound this season. Very bold prediction now he just have to prove it.
  • The Red Wings are looking very strong up front, it will be up to their GM to get the maximum out of Ovechkin this season.

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Vic – Vancouver Canucks

A GM that’s a bit of a control freak. He likes to do odd thing with drafting prospects and crazy line combinations. Talks a lot but have not had the success for someone of his experience.

Previous Rating:      Current Rating:

73      70

GM Hot Seat: Canucks GM – Vic

How would you rate your GMing career in SBHL so far?
Hmmm, I would like to be a bit more successful of course but we decided early to build a team with Nucks draftees only. The first few season were decent but the last 3 seasons, we went through some growing pains. Hopefully, this season will mark the next stage of the build for us. Overall, , since it’s still work in progress, I would give myself a C+.

Why did you add Patty Kane this season?
This offseason was a great opportunity to boost our team that I couldn’t turn it down. Our bean counter suggested that we had the space so I went out and sold Kane on our vision for the future. As it turned out, we didn’t have the money that we thought we did, so we had to quickly change our roster a bit. I’m quite excited to have Kane on board, we should be able to do some damage.

Which player(s) are you looking at to step up this season?
Our top prospects like Matthias Wiestche and Seth Brausen are a sure bet to help us but look for Vyatkin to be the real surprise. Someone that will hopefully produce like Ostir last season, he’s a real gem for a 7th rounder if we have him pegged correctly.

Are the Nucks a PO team this season?
Having Kane on board, we better make the PO or the board will not be very pleased.

We are always looking for a few good GMs to join our league. Got what it takes? We would love to hear from you.

Championship Winners:


GM Award Winners:

YearGM of the YearMost ImprovedBest Trader EastBest Trade WestTanker of the Year
2016-2017Jets – GinoPenguins – BrianPenguins – BrianCoyotes – AlexFlames – Hassz
2017-2018Preds – MichalPredators – MichalCapitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexRed Wings – Ben
2018-2019Capitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexHurricanes – SamPredators – MichalRed Wings – Ben
2019-2020Hawks – TyDevils – DanielPenguins –Stars – MasonLeafs – JJ
2020-2021Blues – RyanCoyotes – SamHurricanes – SamBlues – Ryan &
Oilers – Tom
Canadiens – Nathan
2021-2022Yotes – AlexJets – MattBoston – AndrewStars – MasonCanadiens – Nathan
2022-2023Bruins- AndrewLuca – PanthersJackets – WilliamHawks – TyShark – Enkoodabaoo