SBHL Quarterly – 2023-24

Mid-Season Report

SBHL Head Office – The beginning of the season saw a lot of key players wanting to make an impact for their new GM and teammates. 

Predators and Capitals load up on key vets for another run at the CUP:
The two perennial contenders are content to snap up key players in the FA offseason to battle against the defending champ Bruins. 

While the rest of the league were asleep in what proved to be a bountiful FA season. Overall, the majority of teams in the league are still happy to play Russian roulette with their roster by staying extremely close to the cap. 

The 2nd half of the season will be interesting to see since we have not seen many major injuries. Except for the Panthers’ flu epidemic that knocked out 1/3 of their team.

2023-2024 Mid-season Highlights:

  • The Predators had to retool slightly with ROR out for 8 months
  • The Hawks took rebuilding to a new level by loading up on bad contracts and went on a 30+ games losing streak.
  • Leafs are still not getting the respect they desperately seeking even though they have been in a PO position for most of the season so far.
  • Disappointment for the Redwings after signing Ovi in the offseason. The management was hoping it will propel them up the East and deeper into the PO. 
  • The high power Jets are looking to bulk up their D as they secured themselves a PO position in the weak Central Division.
  • Sophomore G, Coulombe is doing well in net for the Canes. Taking over the starting position after Price left for free agency is not an easy task.
  • Nucks GM made a bad accounting error, blew out their cap and had to destroy their D and add cap penalty. 

Cup Contenders:

Predators, Capitals, Bruins, Isles, Panthers


Canes, Jets, Flames

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Trader Phil – Pittsburg Penguins

Career Records:
29GP – 5W – 20L
GF: 69 GA: 103
Players Acquired: 16 Players Shipped out: 9

A fearless competitor with an endless desire to win at all aspects of the game. Whether he’s negotiating a trade to believing in his ability to be the ‘Shark’ hunting his preys. The new GM for the Pens will make you standup and take notice of his presence. If he can harness this energy and dedication into success, it will go a long way to silence his critics. He has the potential to be a good contributor and GM in our league.

1. What do you think of your first online GM experience so far?

Awesome! I had played something like 110 hours last 3-4 weeks. I discover EHM online and i was sooo happy. Of course, it’s different than offline mode and more different to play but so much fun!

Online mode: You were a rookie GM one day too and it’s a daily process to adapt. I had learned lessons and I’m still learning everyday. for example: Dubinski make me look bad and it will never happen again.  Did I make mistakes? Yes but I have to prove that I am passionate, intense,  really active and I manage my stuff daily. It is not easy to arrive in the league  after the open season with a daily pressure of ”you must trade RIP/dump capspace 6M”. I tried to Sell all old players a discount for rebuild.

It was this context ”Nobody wants my players” That made me quite angry,  I will acquire Dubinski and try to make the playoff. Because my first plan was i trade old guy vs draft pick!! Everyday my advisors put pressure on me to liquidate capspace. When I look back, in my context, I think I made good decisions for fix the problem and I chose to keep my 2nd pick + try to sell Stepan at deadline. The Penguins have no depth at the prospect and it was illogical for us to exchange this 2nd pick for ‘dump’. Today he has two GM who came to talk to me about Stepan!

2. What do you like the most about the league and what don’t you like?

I like to speak with the 5-6 GM that appears in my business group.  We talk almost every day and some come to ask me that I think of the offer they receive. GM are really active and passionate. For me it’s the essential of a healthy league and having fun in it. I also like people looking at me and judging all my moves. The ‘ ‘ All eyes on me ‘ ‘ mood motivates me a lot and it will create monster rivalries. I like that it’s not easy to negotiate and make a deal. I like to have to learn in this league and have to surpass myself to become better. I like that the admin is punctual and simulates every day. I like that everyone is involved and talks about their team. The thing that I do not like is having the feeling of having a gun on my head and that the league seems ready to shoot quickly to dismiss me. I don’t like to get the impression that if I do a bad move then I’m out. I understand the concept of a healthy league but I’m not going to end up 10-73-1 like the Hawks. I have to prove that I’m practically always here and involve. I wish I had your confidence that you say to yourself’ This guy is intense like an animal so no worries with him, at worst he will learn from his experience and become better’. I like this league a lot, it’s my hobbies #1 and if you tell me I’m out I’d be devastated because I really like it.

3. Do you think you can bring the Pens back into the PO picture next season?

I will be honest, every year I will have hope and try to make the playoff. I’m not going to go into an off-season saying I’m finishing 30th to draft #1. My opinion is every GM should work hard to be compete and ‘not tank’ like hawks. In the NHL, he has a law that forces the teams to be competitive and that is the reason that they have established a lottery. The thing I can promise you is that I’m not going to get rid of my 1st pick. You can ask anyone: the GM asks me Gozzi and Hamel and it is a no categorical. The dynasty goes through the draft. I am never seen the quality of the UFA market but it is on that I will look for UFA players between 20 and 29years old who can help me at a reasonable price. My plan this season is to draft twice in the top 10. The way I would like to make a profit is by swapping guys like Zucker, Stepan and replacing them with the UFA by least expensive equivalent. I received an offer for MAATAA, it is a 5 star prospect, 2nd and good 25 Y. O player. This is a scenario which would allow to make a profit: Bring 3 young + replace MAATAA for free at the UFA+  the 1st pitts will be top 5 draft but i’m still thinking about that scenario. Next year I would have in my line up 3 foward: Gozzi + 2 x top10. We will try to develop them well surrounded but it’s hard to predict their performance.

4. What do you need to improve on to compete in the competitive online league?

It’s important to have the right tactics that fit with the type of team in place.  I realized that the case use unit tactic was off and I think we could not use our team tactically and play style. What I need to improve is my judgement on the players and my tactics style. For me this season is scrap and I will use it as a test for me oriented. I want to take the rest of the season to test it in offensive/defensive and physical tactics on personal player. Currently it’s hard to say because all my team has lost morality but since our physical and offensive tactics: 1w 1l vs capitals. This season allows me to evaluate players, their style and tactics to better orientate me towards the future. If my second half of the season is crap, I’m not crazy and I’ll adapt To be the best team i can in this league (because all the league EHM are different for example we could start this league again and maybe Casey Middlestadt is not develop in the same way). One thing is for sure is that teams like Florida and even the Canes have a multi-season lead on the development side. It’s going to be hard to catch them and I think the solution is to create a team and a style’unique to bring a contrast. Style make fight and I’m trying to look for the best style and tactics to be able to be competitive. What’s more, what I’ve improved is the transaction. You may be sure if I would have had 7 client for Letang: Hall would not have been my first choice. Currently it is not an easy context, I make decisions to be younger, freed from the mass at offseason (now 10 m will be available) and create a more favorable environment to make trade winner.Currently I am only trade minors. I swap players useable, I keep my young asset and my pick.

The biggest trade I made is Letang vs Hall. Right now that hurt but after UFA and fill the spot: Next year it will be great. Currently it is not easy to exchange an old players in this context, even Columbus is unable to swap Strome for 3 months and it does not make him a bad negotiator! I have to improve our context, our youth and our assessment of players + define tactic and style. We have to draft well!

We are always looking for a few good GMs to join our league. Got what it takes? We would love to hear from you.

Championship Winners:


GM Award Winners:

YearGM of the YearMost ImprovedBest Trader EastBest Trade WestTanker of the Year
2016-2017Jets – GinoPenguins – BrianPenguins – BrianCoyotes – AlexFlames – Hassz
2017-2018Preds – MichalPredators – MichalCapitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexRed Wings – Ben
2018-2019Capitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexHurricanes – SamPredators – MichalRed Wings – Ben
2019-2020Hawks – TyDevils – DanielPenguins –Stars – MasonLeafs – JJ
2020-2021Blues – RyanCoyotes – SamHurricanes – SamBlues – Ryan &
Oilers – Tom
Canadiens – Nathan
2021-2022Yotes – AlexJets – MattBoston – AndrewStars – MasonCanadiens – Nathan