SBHL NEWS – 2024 Off-season

SBHL Head Office – Another season is in the history book and the league is going through a transitional period with many teams trying to find their identity, others are ready to take the next step as contender for the CUP.

The 2023-2024 Playoffs Review:

Playoffs Highlights:
This year’s Playoffs saw the competition in the East come to a full tilt. The defending champ Bruins were on the chopping block, the Islanders, Panthers and Blue Jackets were looking good coming into the PO. In the West, it was status quo for the perennial contender Preds and the emergence of the Jets.

The Panther proved they were up to the challenge as the came out on top in each round on their way to their 1st finals appearance. They face a formidable Predators team, Ryan O’Reilly just came back from LTIR so the Preds were stacked and ready to take down all comers. In the Cup Finals, the Preds proved too strong for the Panthers as they claimed their 3rd Cup under GM Michal’s guidance.

2023-2024 Season Review:

  • Quite a few teams are operating very close to the salary cap once again. This will prove costly for some of them during the season.
  • The Dallas Stars seems to be on a downturn as their GM has them playing catchup. They have hired an advisor from the East to help them map out a road to recovery.
  • The Predator’s ROR suffered a devastating injury and will be out for 8 months. He returned just in time to help the Preds on their championship run.
  • The Jets hired GM Darren to bring them back to competitiveness. Not only did he managed to turn them around, they were playing a run n gun style that brought fans to their feet.
  • The troubled Pens organization had to part ways with GM Eric, the team need a more dedicated GM and someone that have a better handle on financials. Hopefully, the new GM will bring them back to their championship form.
  • The youth movement has started in the league as many ageing veterans are winding down their career or have retired in the offseason.

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GM Profile:
Sam O’Quinn
Carolina Hurricanes

Career Records:
718GP – 362W – 288L
GF:   2560                 GA:   2331
Players Acquired:   121        
Players Shipped out: 50

This brash young GM seems to have mellowed with age. Gone are the days of rash decisions which bodes well for the franchise. There’s still room for improvement in area such as tactics and maybe drafting. He has hit a few home-runs but there’s always room to add more to the cupboard as they say.

The next few seasons will define his manager status in the league. Will he be able to take the Hurricanes to the next level or will they be downgraded to a tropical “Storm”

Previous Rating:      Current Rating:

73      75

GM Hot Seat:

You are considered a veteran of the online game now. What’s your view of the league at the moment competition wise?
The competition in the league is suffering a bit, in my opinion. While there are as many top teams as ever, and teams are moving up and down, there seems to be more “dog’s breakfast” teams than ever, and some of these teams have been in that spot forever, such as the Habs, Sharks and Wild, although the latter most has been improving, or atleast trying to.

You inherited a pretty young and upcoming team. How would you rate your GM journey so far?
I’ve made alot of mistakes, but this is the best team I have built even if it’s suffering, the journey has been fun and full of Criticism and a bit of praise.

Your team is pretty young still, what’s your window to compete for the Cup?
A few years at best i’d say my window is, but it won’t be hard to get back to that window with Coulombe in net. I have alot of guys to resign in the upcoming years, Coulombe included, but Guys like Zadina,Polodyan, Bean, Gauthier and of Course Coulombe are still young.

What’s your advice for a new GM coming into the league?
The biggest thing is to not get attached to your players, don’t let preference cloud fact. it’s been an issue for me. If a guy is asking too much money, let him go, maybe unless he’s a goalie. If a guy looks great but plays like shit, try to trade him. If someone makes you a fair offer, and one that doesn’t hurt your team, for your best player, take it.

Another tip i’d give, is to scour free agency and the draft for depth guys. Its really obvious, but having a guy you draft come up and play on your 3rd line takes off alot of pressure, and keeps your cap-healthy.

We are always looking for a few good GMs to join our league. Got what it takes? We would love to hear from you.

Championship Winners:


GM Award Winners:

YearGM of the YearMost ImprovedBest Trader EastBest Trade WestTanker of the Year
2016-2017Jets – GinoPenguins – BrianPenguins – BrianCoyotes – AlexFlames – Hassz
2017-2018Preds – MichalPredators – MichalCapitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexRed Wings – Ben
2018-2019Capitals – PetriCoyotes – AlexHurricanes – SamPredators – MichalRed Wings – Ben
2019-2020Hawks – TyDevils – DanielPenguins –Stars – MasonLeafs – JJ
2020-2021Blues – RyanCoyotes – SamHurricanes – SamBlues – Ryan &
Oilers – Tom
Canadiens – Nathan
2021-2022Yotes – AlexJets – MattBoston – AndrewStars – MasonCanadiens – Nathan
2022-2023Bruins- AndrewLuca – PanthersJackets – WilliamHawks – TyShark – Enkoodabaoo
2023-2024Jets – DarrenDucks – StephenLeafs – JJKings – MarkkuHawks – Ty