EHM Editor v0.3.0 & v0.3.1 Released

Versions 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 of the Editor for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 have now been released. This is the first update for around six months and is a pretty extensive update. There was a very slight issue with certain spinboxes resetting in version 0.3.0 – hence the release of version 0.3.1 which is simply a hotfix.

The Editor is now a 64-bit application and is now built using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2017. Consequently you must now install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable before you attempt to run the Editor otherwise it will crash. You must install the 64-bit version (also known as vcredist_x64.exe). The Redistributable can be downloaded here: 

New Features:

  • Added a very simple weighted score for each player when exporting the player & non-player spreadsheet (non-Research Spreadsheet) and when viewing player career histories in the Editor (this is a work in progress);
  • Added a setting to optionally sort the Rules & Structure table;
  • Added an extended debugging logging setting for displaying additional information to the Editor Log (for development/testing purposes);
  • Added automatic player and non-player reputation calculation based upon the BKArchitect, TBL Rosters and xECK29x formulae (selectable via the Settings -> General screen) accessible via (1) the Tools menu and (2) the Mass Edit menu, each on the Players & Non-Players screen;
  • Added club history mass deleting;
  • Added club records mass deleting;
  • Added club status to the status bar which will flag any club errors;
  • Added league history exporting;
  • Added league history importing;
  • Added league history mass deleting;
  • Added national team status to the status bar which will flag any mismatch in the number of junior or senior national teams;
  • Added option to force selection dialog windows to stay on top of all other windows;
  • Added player auto-rater (work in progress);
  • Added player career history mass deleting;
  • Added synonyms for clubs;
  • Added synonyms for club competitions; and
  • Added synonyms for second names.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added Current Ability, Potential Ability and Reputation filters to the Players & Non-Players screen;
  • Added Tools section to the Non-Player sub-screen of the Players & Non-Players screen
  • Adjusted the imperial height and weight displays on the Player Details sub-screen for clarity;
  • Clubs are now listed in alphabetical order on the Structure sub-screen of the Rules & Structures editing screen;
  • Fixed issue with the Manual Override row of the bit mask editor tables not being editable;
  • Fixed issue with the wrong club data being edited when editing the Divisional Clubs table on the Structure sub-screen of Rules and Structures;
  • Fixed random crash when importing Club History spreadsheets and when adding Club History in the editing screen;
  • Hyphens are now disregarded when matching text (e.g. Oliver Ekman Larsson is treated the same as Oliver Ekman-Larsson);
  • Improved club history and club competition history validation with erroneous entries now deleted;
  • Restored the Find and Replace Competitions function for player career histories which is now available via the Mass Edit button on the People menu;
  • Staff Career History importer spreadsheets now supports years entered as seasons (e.g. 2013/14, 2013/2014, 2013-14, etc will be treated as 2013);
  • Synonym data is now refreshed when saving the database;
  • Values entered into a spinbox are no longer lost/reset when saving the database;
  • The Editor is now built as a 64-bit application;
  • Updated to Qt version 5.12.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2017; and
  • Fixed issue with certain spin boxes resetting and locking to zero (e.g. on the Player and Non-Player attributes screen) (version 0.3.1).

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