Project NHL 32X v3.0 Released

Version 3 of the Project NHL 32X roster update by BKArchitect is now available. The roster update features a pseudo-fictional update layered on top of real world rosters; essentially a fictional expansion of the NHL. It also includes two WHA leagues with fictional teams from around the world. Further details and the download links can be found HERE.


– World transactions and signings/extensions for major league including all NHL trade deadline deals with picks swapped and depth charts tweaked to maximize talent.
– As usual, continual updating and adjusting of prospects for future drafts. Some impressive Russian talent added in this update. Also, every single future NCAA commitment.

– Full new 6 European teams in a new Central Europe division for a 12+12 format.
– WHAII Farm Affiliation + one junior sponsor/affiliate for each team. The North American clubs have junior affiliations with CHL and USHL teams. That means as a GM of a WHA club, you can actually call up junior players from those teams to play with your WHA team, although you can’t sign them. Your benefit from this will really depend on how that junior team is able to draft and develop their talent.
– If you are new to this database and wondering what the WHA is all about, read more here:
Original Format: 
Six New Expansion Teams: … -155948981

– Brand new league – read all about it here: … -156601935
– I have since updated the First and Last names lists for smaller countries like Albania, Greece and Portugal so they produce realistic sounding players (for the most part)!

– Nothing new in 3.0 here but in case you want to know more about the implantation of Seattle or the SEVEN different graphical identities you can choose to give you Seattle franchise in EHM, read more here: … -154408183

– I have removed these from the 3.0 database ZIP file. Why? Well, with all the activity of the trade deadline, I wanted to let the NHL clubs play with their new, full rosters. If you choose Extra Player Options in game setup, it will still stock Seattle and the WHA/WHAII clubs with players. It’s more of a challenge without the draft files – I’ll bring them back at the end of the season. Feel free to use the draft files in previous versions of NHL32X or create your own as well.

– New branding for the WHA, WHAII and WHA All-Star games, complete branding and identities for 6 new WHA clubs and 24 new WHAII clubs and some general logo tweaks here and there. See the Graphics Credits file in the database download for more info.

– Included in the ZIP file download of the database itself are two new IMPORT files…WHA Deactivate 1 & 2. If you would like to play NHL32X with Seattle but aren’t interested in the WHA aspect, simply use the EHM Editor to import each of those files into the database and save. 

– The WHA and WHAII will still show up in the league select screen but they will be grey and have exclamation marks next to them. You won’t be able to select them now but that’s the point – they won’t be in the game. You can select other leagues and options as usual.

– I would recommend turning on all the Extra Player Options (Playable Teams, Junior Players, National Teams) – especially if you intend to use the WHA. It will give all the teams a full starting roster and fill some of the lesser national teams represented by the WHA and WHAII clubs with a pool of players. I also recommend turning on Retain All Teams and Add Key Staff.

– The English second tier (National Ice Hockey League) can cause the game to crash. I believe all other leagues function fine without game-ending errors or bugs. Have simmed through 2060 in testing. Do not select the NIHL for now.


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