Project NHL 32X v3.1 Released

A minor update to BKArchitect’s Project NHL 32X is now available for download. BKArchitect suggests that whilst this update is advisable for any new games, it’s not worth starting afresh if you are deep into an existing saved game.

Download: CLICK HERE

Graphics pack: CLICK HERE

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  • This is a small update to 3.0 – transactions updated, new signings for 2019 season including prospect signings (to happen on July 1, 2019 in the game) are coded into the config file along with NCAA and U Sport commits.
  • Some updates and modifications to NHL depth charts with early results in from trade deadline deals (for example guys like Ryan Donato getting a boost in new situations) and late-season prospect call-ups (for example, an older prospect like Josh Currie actually looking like a useful NHL depth player for the Oilers) – tweaks to ensure relevancy to current happenings.
  • Also, current season standings have been input into the database for the NHL for waiver claim order and for expected finish so that as a GM of say a cruddy team like Kings or Wings (who were once good), you are no longer expected by your front office to field a winning team right away. Seattle input as 32nd place of course.
  • Finally some graphical updates to of the seven Seattle identities (make sure to grab the 3.1 graphics pack); see below and thanks as always to SparkyChewbarky!


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