Project NHL 32X v3.2 Released

Another small update to the NHL 32X series is now available to download HERE. Changes include:

  • Latest transfers, extensions and 2019 contracts including a host of high-profile NCAA signings which will occur in the game in the summer of 2019. I am NOT including end-of-season ATO contracts of NCAA players to the AHL/ECHL. Only future full-time contracts for the 19 season and beyond.
  • Fixed some errors/bugs from v3.1 (Grundstrom to LA, fixed salary bug on high-profile RFA’s like Rantanen, Marner, Point, Aho and Carlo). 
  • Big cleanup of old, retired UFA players…still not quite done but trying to be accurate here. This will definitely give you even LESS choice of free agents for starting as Seattle GM or a WHA GM but hey, it’s realistic. See screenshot below for the top names left in UFA pool…it’s pretty sad. It will be a BIG challenge.
  • Tweaked NHL Contract limit back to 50 and cap pushed to $90 million to reduce CPU poor judgement. Cap floor lowered to $40 million to help with Seattle team building.
  • WHA cap lowered to $40 million to encourage more trading…the CPU was generally not going over $40 million anyways in long-term sims.
  • AHL and WHAII max players in squad raised to 32. 
  • Added some financial info and detail into the WHAII to help create a more realistic GM experience.
  • Entire 2003-born USNTDP invite list is in the game and the top 23 rated 2003 born Americans are on the USNT juniors squad..thought they start on loan to their current squads and will only join the USNT for the 2019-20 season. There are also quite a few 2004-born top Americans who will join the USNTDP in the game.
  • Continued tweaking and updating of 2019, 2020 and 2021 drafts based on current thinking…plus updates for top 2019 OHL & QMJHL midget draftees and WHL bantam draftees (who are also top NHL draft prospects in the 2021/22 drafts). Like always in my NHL series, I encourage high profile prospects to have pretty good ratings and bright futures from the start and ratings are done to encourage realistic NHL draft results down the road (again, based on current scouting services and info gleaned fro HFBoards).
  • Graphics…just a few minor logo updates/additions, nothing major.


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