EHM Editor v0.3.2 Released

Version 0.3.2 of the Editor for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 has now been released. Aside from fixing bugs and making tweaks, the focus of this release has been the various feature requests made over recent months. The main feature requests included are separate screens for draft histories/picks (via the Competitions tab) and player rights (via the People tab) as well as improved player/staff filtering. Not only can we now filter by player rights, draft history/eligibility, league playing for and league contracted, we can also filter by whether a player has previously played for a team or in a league (this is determined by the player’s career history as well as the Previous Club field). For example, you could filter all players who played in the NCAA or a particular club in the NCAA which might be helpful for finding particular alumni.

In addition to the various feature requests, the Editor also includes a schedule generator for schedule templates and a schedule dates generator. Both of these are works in progress and will be improved over coming Editor releases. The algorithm for the schedule templates generator is very basic and I already have some ideas on how this could be improved. The schedule dates generator does not yet include playoff/tournament-specific items (such as round names, round codes and draw dates), but it will generate regular season/group dates adequately.

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New Features:

  • Added a schedule dates generator to the Rules & Structure screen;
  • Added a schedule generator to the Schedule Templates screen;
  • Added a mass editor option to delete all player career history entries with zero games played;
  • Added copy club option when adding new clubs via the Editor;
  • Added draft history editing screen;
  • Added draft history validation;
  • Added player rights editing screen; and
  • Added player rights validation.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added colour correction to clubs, leagues and nations where no colour has been set;
  • Added NHL draft eligibility columns when exporting Players & Non-Players spreadsheets;
  • Added table descriptors to error messages displayed when unable to add or remove rows;
  • Added the following filters to the Players & Non-Players screen: (1) Has played for club, (2) Player rights held by club, (3) Club drafted by, (4) NHL draft eligibility, (5) League contracted, (6) League playing in and (7) Has played in league;
  • Corrected BKArchitect algorithm used with the automatic player and non-player reputation calculation;
  • Disabled tabbing focus of the imperial height and weight conversions on the Player Details tab of the Players and Staff editing screen;
  • Fixed crash with Players & Non-Players importer spreadsheet when attempting to retire a person who does not exist in the database;
  • Fixed issue with pop-up windows causing the main Editor window to hide behind other windows;
  • Fixed issue with the Rules & Structure importing where the existing schedule templates were not being displayed in the import dialog;
  • Fixed issue with the Rules & Structure importing where the incorrect Rules & Structure ID was being set;
  • Fixed issue with the “Set as Inactive” setting on the Clubs Editing screen not correctly clearing the divisional data;
  • Improvements to the EHM 2004 to 2007 converter (but it does not yet result in a playable database);
  • Minor adjustments to the layout of the Import Spreadsheet screen;
  • Minor changes to user interface dimensions in order to increase available space for smaller screen resolutions;
  • Minor performance improvement to text filtering (but wildcard/regular expressing searching is now disabled);
  • Redesigned player rights editing sub-screen of the Players and Staff editing screen;
  • Removed the “Dialog windows always stay on top of other windows” setting as this is no longer used;
  • Simplified logging system; and
  • Text entry for indexed items in the Editor are now case insensitive (e.g. the Day of Week field in Schedule Dates).


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