Pivot Rosters v3.21 Released

A new version of the Pivot Rosters by xECK29x is now available on Steam. This release is a major release, as set out below. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE.



– There are now two .db files included in both the Steam Workshop download and the off-line .zip download. The default (database.db) which is loaded into the game has an export of IAmActuallyAnOtters generated prospects added to it to create 100+ years of deep NHL drafts from all IIHF countries. There is a second .db file included which does NOT have these prospects added, this is the DB you should use if you plan on doing a fantasy draft as the added prospects cause issues with that game setting due to the negative birth date values! If you want to use this DB just rename it to database.db in the Steam Workshop folder (should be located in: *\Steam\SteamApps\workshop\content\301120\1428241604)

*** Additional Instructions if you start with a Fantasy Draft ***

– Also look in the extra_config.conf file (open it in Notepad or a similar text editor), there is a section I have marked that you need to remove prior to starting the fantasy draft, this is for transfers that will be occurring on 1.7.2019 for 2019-20, if you do not remove these transfers they will be transferred to their real-life clubs regardless if you drafted them or not!

General Updates:

– Updated IIHF scores, World Championship groups should now be more realistic — thanks Matee!!
– You will notice a lot of team/division names have been updated. This is being done in collaboration with Dani9 for future logo pack work


– Latest notable signings and contract extensions
– Updated colors of NHL/AHL/ECHL All-Star comps to match new logos
– Updated heights/weights of some Toronto Maple Leaf players — thanks Tiago!!

WJC-U18 Updates:

– Updated all players/staff for:
— Belarus
— Canada
— Czech Republic
— Finland
— Latvia
— Russia
— Slovakia
— Sweden
— Switzerland
— United States

Austrian Updates:
– Updated several club, competition and division names — thanks Dani9!!

Canadian Updates:
– Added/Updated several clubs in LHPS U18, NBPEIMMHL & NLMMHL — thanks Antho42!!
– Added/updated clubs in the Quebec Juvenile Hockey League (QJHL), Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League (NSJHL) and added the New Brunswick Junior Hockey League (NBJHL) — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated draft history, player rights and player attributes for the OHL — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated players/staff across various Bantam level clubs (mostly retirements) — thanks Matee!!
– Updated all players/staff in the WHL (over 1,110 updates) — thanks Matee!!
– Will work on club/prospect/draft pick updates in next release

— QMJHL Updates:
– Added/updated the top 150 QMJHL draft prospects for 2019 — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated all clubs in QMJHL, over 76 players added — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated attendance, club & player records, retired numbers and staff for QMJHL clubs
— I ensured some staff added will eventually be high-quality NHL staff a few years into the sim, will do this for the rest of the Canadian Major Junior leagues to help generate more long term staff options for AHL/NHL clubs
– Updated QMJHL competition history and award names (award winners to be updated)
– Updated QMJHL draft picks

Czech Republic Updates:

– Updated Czech Krajske Hokejove Prebory clubs and divisions — thanks Dani9!!

Danish Updates:

– Updated 1 & 2.Division clubs and divisions and U17/20 clubs/divisions — thanks Dani9!!
– Had to remove the Danish Metal Ligaen from human-playability due to league structure issues, will fix and put back in a future release.

Finnish Updates:
– Updated all players/staff in Suomi-Sarja — thanks Matee!!
– Updated competition and division names — thanks Dani9!!
– Updated all clubs in Finnish II-divisioona

French Updates:

– Updated competition and division names — thanks Dani9!!
– Added U17 and U20 clubs, affiliations and divisions, retired U18 clubs

Kazakhstan Updates:

– Updated Astana to Nur-Sultan as per recent city name change, updated all appropriate club names

Russian Updates:
– Updated colors of All-Star comp to match new logo
– Updated all Russian free agent players/staff — thanks Matee!!

Serbian Updates:

– Updated abbreviation for Serbia from SGC to SBA as per Wikipedia it changed in 2006

Slovakian Updates:

– Updated all Slovakian free agent players/staff — thanks Matee!!

Swedish Updates:

– Updated TV and prize money amounts for SHL and HockeyAllsvenskan — thanks v1CTANK!!
– Updated all Swedish free agents/jobless staff — thanks Matee!!

Ukrainian Updates:

– Added U16 division and clubs, added affiliations

United Kingdom Updates:
– Updated players/staff in NIHL (North 1 & 2 and South 1 & 2) and the SNL — thanks Archi!!
– Added transfer rules for British Universities IHA, added city and short name to clubs and change type from junior to amateur

United States Updates:
– Added/updated all players/staff in the Western States Hockey League — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated arenas for the WSHL — thanks Antho42!!
— The WSHL will become a playable league in a future update
– Updated clubs and staff for T1EHL (U18, U16, U15 and Bantam)
– Updated players assigned to USNTDP Juniors
– Updated NAHL schedule
– Updated all American UFA players/staff – over 1,300 updates (mostly retirements) — thanks Matee!!


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