Project NHL 32X v5.0 Beta Released

The first beta version of the 2019/20 NHL 32X Rosters is now available for download HERE.

In BKArchitect’s own words:

Here’s a little Memorial weekend treat for everybody – a public but still very much BETA release of NHL32X 2019-20 Season. As discussed below with screencaps, it has all the 18-19 season stats in the NHL so prospect and Calder lists for the season will all be accurate. Jack Hughes is on New Jersey, Kakko is NY Rangers but the rest of the 2019 draft is still of course not decided so for now they just fold into the 2020 draft. Feel free to edit the DB before you start if you want to manually assign rights to 2019 prospects so the ’20 draft is more accurate – I don’t have the time to do a mock draft file so just plan on an official release of this DB with draft results included shortly after the real NHL draft takes place. 

Lots of leagues and structures are in the midst of being updated complete with graphics for the 19-20 season…much of it is done but still plenty left to do so I’m not going to get into details and also be aware some leagues will not work at the moment. Remeber, this is a BETA. Most major and popular leagues should be fine though.

Also – I’ve had reports that during free agency, NHL teams oddly decide to sign all free to one year deals – this is not a DB issue, this has happened every year I’ve done an early off-season release of the DB. Generally the CPU will sign free agents to cheap one year deals and then extend them to more realistic deals during the season. I don’t claim to understand, it’s just what the CPU does. You would think you could outbid the CPU easily for every free agent in this case, but it’s actually not true. I offered Duchene an 8x$9 million deal as Seattle GM and he accepted a 1-year, $3.5 million offer from Nashville – who later extended him 6 years at $9 million. But please continue to report weird things to me and I’ll look into them.

Finally, you can now download separately either a standard version of NHL32X (just Seattle) or one complete with the fantasy WHA/WHAII/ICC format that adds those leagues and lots of new foreign clubs. Be sure to grab the graphics pack as well. As always, you can adjust the Seattle identity and graphics in the pre-game editor, see the included text file.

Thanks and happy Memorial Day! P.S. – Seattle is HELLA fun to play now because of all the free agent options…enjoy it while it lasts!



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