Pivot Rosters v3.22 (Final 2018/19) Released

A new version of the Pivot Rosters by xECK29x is now available on Steam. This is the final 2018/19 update for the season. xECK29x is now moving on to work on the 2019/20 version 4.xx rosters.

As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE.


General Updates:
– This will be the last update for v3 until July 1st which is when I will release an NHL/AHL focused ‘Free Agent Frenzy’ version of the DB. The team and I are beginning work on v4 for the 2019-20 season!


– Latest notable signings and contract extensions
– Upped NHL coach, scout and other staff max wage
– Upped NHL Salary Cap Upper Limit to $90m USD and Lower Limit to $68.3m USD – these will also be the limits in v4 of the DB.

Belarus Updates:

– Updated Belarusian Extraliga league structure from NHL 32 v5 — full credit to BK

Canadian Updates:
– Changed upper age limit for all Canadian peewee competitions 12, bantam to 14 and midget to 17 to better reflect real-life. Intentions for this were to cause more accurate player movement between levels and funnel more players towards the proper human-playable junior leagues instead of staying on their midget club until turning pro or going to school.
– Updated over 400 players across various levels of midget — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated all players/staff in CJHL Pacific (AJHL & BCHL) and West (MJHL & SJHL) – over 1,000 updates — thanks Matee!!

Czech Republic Updates:

– Updated fighting PIMs and misconduct rules and overtime and shootout rules — thanks JeffLS!!!

German Updates:

– Added/updated all clubs/divisions for: Deutsche Oberliga, Regionalliga, Landesliga, Bezirksliga and other smaller leagues. Includes, club and competition reputation and level updates, adding cities. arena and other club details. Should be completely accurate as of the 2018-19 season.

Finnish Updates:

– Updated all clubs in Finnish III and IV divisions and folded some non-active clubs.

French Updates:
– Updated Division 2 and 3 clubs and divisions and folded some non-active clubs.

Israeli Updates:
– Updated Senior A/B and U20 clubs, added U18 division and clubs

Italian Updates:

– Updated clubs in IHL, U19 and U17 divisions

Latvian Updates:

– Updated several club names and colors

Norwegian Updates:

– Had to remove Norwegian GET Ligaen from human-playability to reconfigure the league structure, will add back in a future update.
– Updated several clubs/divisions

Russian Updates:

– Added/Updated clubs in Russian Student Hockey League, Moscow Student Hockey League 1/2 and Russian National Junior Hockey League
– Updated clubs and all players/staff in Russian Pervenstvo VHL — thanks Matee!!
– Added transfer rules to Russian Student Hockey League and the three levels of the Moscow Student Hockey League
– Updated Russian National Junior Hockey League (NMHL) — thanks Matee!!
– Updated club reputations for Russia U18 to bring them more in-line with the rest of the world

Slovenian Updates:

– Updated all levels of Slovenian hockey, added International Hockey League U18 and renamed Slovenian Elite League to Drzavno Prvenstvo.
– Removed Slovenian Drzavno Prvenstvo from human-playability for re-structuring, will also add Slovenian International Hockey League in a future update

Swedish Updates:
– Updated the following leagues, which now have accurate divisions: HockeyEttan, HockeyTvåan, HockeyTrean, and HockeyFyran
— thanks Dani9!!
– Also updated the reputations of these clubs to better reflect their league standing
– IF Sundsvall added to Hockey Ettan to make league human-playable, will be worked on over the summer to make it more accurate.

Switzerland Updates:
– Updated all amateur and junior clubs of Swiss hockey for proper divisions.
– Updated Arosa Challenge Cup league structure from NHL 32 v5 — full credit to BK

Ukranian Updates:
– Changed Kiev to Kyiv

Various European Updates:

– Updated clubs/divisions in Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain
– Updated over 2,000 European free agent players/staff — thanks Matee!!


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