Pivot Rosters v4.0 Beta (2019/20) Released

The first release of the Premier Pivot Rosters by xECK29x for 2019/20 is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. As set out below, the changelist is pretty big!


General Updates:
– Initial release for the 2019-20 season, there have been several leagues fixed up and re-added for human play-ability, we fixed a lot of bugs in this release!
– Updated player career histories for the 2018-19 season (still have to update some clubs and add some goaltender stats) – thanks Archi!!
– All NHL UFA/RFA and AHL/ECHL UFA players dumped to FA pool

NHL Updates:
– Updated salary cap, minimum contract amount and offer sheet compensation limits
*** Note: The cap has been set to real-life numbers for this release (81.5 U/60.2 L) to make free-agency a little more challenging for cap-strapped clubs – it will be raised back up in future releases ***
– Added 2019 NHL Entry Draft class
– Added award histories for Conference winner trophies
– Updated all award histories
– I fixed several incorrect DOBs and updated some names which may result in loss of facepack pictures for some players, those will need to be updated by the creators.
– Updated schedule for 2019-20 season

AHL Updates:
– Updated all AHL awards and competition history
* Waiting on 2019-20 schedule release, this will be patched into the game once it’s ready.

ECHL Updates:
– Folded Manchester Monarchs
– Updated all ECHL awards and competition history
– Updated financial details including adding a salary cap: https://twitter.com/EchlStats/status/11 … 2328750082
– Added a schedule for 2019-20, mostly from 2018-19 matches as the ECHL schedule on the leagues site is not easily exportable to a format to make a real schedule template at this time.

Austrian Updates:
– Updated AlpsHL to new 19 club format (real-life schedule and playoff format needs to be created – removed from human-playability)

Belarus Updates:
– Updated Belarusian Extraliga schedule and league structure for 2019-20 season — thanks Matee!!

British Updates:
– Updated all competition histories for EIHL clubs — thanks ESHMfan01!!
– Updated/added several clubs — thanks Archi!!

Canadian Updates:
– Added Canadian U Sports as human-playable – full credit to BKArchitect for all the division, league structure and schedule details!!
– Updated all CHL club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!
– Updated OHL and WHL players/staff — thanks Manimal!!
– Updated CHL schedules 
– Updated QMJHL league history – -thanks Antho42!!
** Due to changes in club counts had to remove the CJHL as human-playable until schedule templates can be updated, will be added back in a future update.
– Updated several club arena changes/relations in the CJHL — thanks jonhiseler!!
– Updated all players/staff in the CJHL Central (NOJHL, OJHL, and SIJHL)
– Updated WHL club and division changes
– Implemented QMJHL and Junior AAA 2019 draft classes and rights assignments — thanks Antho42 and MrGeeky!!
– Implemented first 3 rounds of WHL Bantam Draft 2019 class — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated over 2,300 Canadian FA players/staff — thanks Matee!!
– Updated BCHL club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!

Czech Updates:
– Updated Tipsport/Chance Liga clubs and schedules, fixed league structures for Chance and 2. Liga (now playable with full relegation to Chance/Krajske) — thanks Matee!!
– Updated all junior U16/U19 competition names/groups
– Updated Tipsport club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!

Finnish Updates:
– Updated Liiga club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!
– Updated Liiga schedule

German Updates:
– Greatly increased club reputation of DEL2 clubs
– Updated DEL schedule (now using real schedule template)

Norway Updates:
– Updated clubs and schedule for 2019-20 season, GET Ligaen is now human-playable again!

Polish Updates:
– Added U18 and U16 competitions and added clubs + affiliations

Russian Updates:
– Updated KHL award names
– Added/Updated KHL officials: https://en.khl.ru/officials/

Swedish Updates:
– Updated SHL/Allsvenskan/Ettan clubs as a result of 2018-19 promotion/relegation
– Updated schedule for SHL
– Updated SHL club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!

Swiss Updates:
– Updated Arosa Challenge Cup to Swiss Ice Hockey Challenge and updated the host arena and city

United States Updates:
– Re-aligned USPHL club reputations to scale closer to Canadian Midget and increased USHL club reputations (still just under the CHL)
– Updated USHL club histories — thanks ESHMfan01!!
* Have to remove Central Illinois who folded, waiting on dispersal draft and 2019-20 schedule to be drafted
– Added new clubs to NAHL, waiting on 2019-20 schedule release — removed from human play-ability until release
– Greatly reduced club reputations of NA3HL clubs and created new clubs.


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