Project NHL 32X v5.1 Beta #2 Released

A further beta release of BKarchitect’s 2019/20 NHL 32X is now available with further mystery features promised for a future update:

NHL32X v5.1 – Standard (just Seattle added)
Dropbox – NHL32x v5.1 – – Simplify your life

NHL32X v5.1 – WHA (has the complete WHA setup with WHA, WHAII and ICC Cup)
Dropbox – NHL32x v5.1 – – Simplify your life

NHL32X v5.1 – Graphcis Pack (includes many new 19-20 season identities and logo updates)
Dropbox – NHL32x v5.1 Graphics – Simplify your life

As most of you know, NHL32X (and the other various incarnations such as NHL36) have been something of a sandbox for me to test new ideas. Always based in reality, sometimes real (NCAA, USports, Australian/NZ leagues), sometimes fantasy (WHA & WHAII, ICC, South American leagues, increased international presence) and sometimes forward looking (Seattle itself as franchise #32). But now I’ve got another idea…which I want to play around with…it works…sort of….in my head anyways and would see a pretty major structure change for the database. We will see where it goes – stay tuned



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