Challenge #49 – Edmonton Oilers

We are delighted to announce that Challenge #49 is now live! A huge thank you to jesterx7769 for designing and setting up this Challenge. In order to participate in the Challenge you must first download the saved game which we are using as a basis (CLICK HERE).

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The Challenge is presently open until 15 October 2019 but we will extend this if there is interest in keeping it open for a further month or so.

The Edmonton Oilers have had plenty of first overall picks and have the best player in the league in Connor McDavid.

However since losing in the Stanley Cup finals in 2005, the Oilers have only made the playoffs ONCE since that time.

The team has top level talent in McDavid, Draistal, and re-invigorated RNH. However past that things get slim.

Poor goaltending no where near the top of the league, an average defense at best filled with prospects who haven’t lived up to Norris level draft hype, and lines 2-4 forwards of “who is that?” its no surprise this team finishes towards the bottom of database sims.

Prospects are starting to get better with names of Broberg, Bouchard, McCleod, Yamamoto, but they haven’t taken the step to be NHL stud players yet.

No weird rules this challenge (was going to make you keep Lucic but DB just updated…so y’all got lucky just wait until next challenge, he he he) just the normal ones as this Oiler team needs enough help.

You start in this August with a new head coach and GM (that you’re about to replace, oops) is this the year things turn around and atleast make the playoffs?


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