Pivot Rosters v4.2 (2019/20) Released

The second release of the Pivot Rosters 2019/20 by xECK29x is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. This update is mostly league structure update. Extensive player transaction updates are expected in the next update now that training camps are starting and rosters are settling.


General Updates:
– Latest player/staff transfers and retirements (full overhaul of most major leagues still not completed)
– Changed all staff with role of GM/Head Coach to just GM to fix a bug for human GMs where these staff cannot be fired.
– Updated max age for several bantam level competitions

NHL Updates:

– Lowered some max staff wages
– Latest signings/transactions
– Added Carolina’s new affiliation with Greenville

AHL Updates:

– Added Charlotte’s new affiliation with Greenville

ECHL Updates:

– Caught up on all latest ECHL signings

British Updates:
– All playable leagues have had their structures updated to match all the changes for the 2019-20 season — thanks Archibaulduk!!
– Notes/Issues:
1. Most leagues have a scheduling issue with one club playing their entire regular season at home. — still being troubleshooted, will code these schedules differently if needed
2. The Challenge Cup doesn’t incorporate the play-in game for now due to crashes;
3. NIHL South 2 Cup – still needs to be added, was announced after work was completed;
4. The NIHL rules of competition haven’t been announced yet will update once available;
5. The NIHL South 2 does not yet have the East/West split. Will explore adding this in future update;
6. The NIHL National does not record the regular season champion to the competition history due to issues, will troubleshooting.

Canadian Updates:

– Added/updated all players selected in the 2019 QMJHL draft — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated OHL competition history — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated potential OHL 2020 draft class — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated QMJHL transfers and draft picks — thanks MrGeeky!!
– Updated affiliation for North Bay Battalion/Pembroke Lumber Kings — thanks Realpity!!
– Updated cities for several high schools
– Updated all CJHL clubs and competitions to be independent again (not linked to an overall CJHL regional competition), will be also adding the various regional cups and re-integrating BKs RBC Cup structure, this will take a long time to build and test.
— Completely redid club and competition reputations
— Updated club arenas, attendance figures, colors and other attributes
— Created human-playable league structures with real regular season schedule and a simple playoff format, realistic playoff formats to be created in future updates.
— Updated competition names, colors, trophy names and awards for several leagues
– WHL updates — thanks Limbic19!!
— Updated/Retired 479 players in Western Alberta Cleanup
— Minor Roster updates for WHL/Junior A players. Moved 98’s to FA or New Teams
— Club & League History updated for WHL/Junior A
— Added Accurate WHL Staff
— Added some 2020 WHL Bantam Draft players
— Updated College Committed Players
— Updated WHL Draft Pick Swaps
— Updated WHL competition history — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated GMHL & CPJHL clubs

Latvian Updates:
– Added new 2019 clubs and updated schedule for Optibet Hokeja Liga — thanks Matee!!

Polish Updates:

– Updated several clubs

Romanian Updates:

– Updated all Romanian players/staff — thanks Matee!!

Slovakian Updates:

– Removed St. Nicholaus 1. Liga from human playability as the league is not really functional. Waiting on real list schedules to be released and will update and will also fix 2.liga as well in a future update. Relegation from Tipsport to/from 1.liga should still be working.

United States Updates:
– Updated cities for several high schools – thanks Limbic19!!
– Updated USPHL and NCDC clubs and changed reputations of divisions/clubs more in-line with Canadian juniors


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