Pivot Rosters v4.3 (2019/20) Released

A new release of the Pivot Rosters 2019/20 by xECK29x is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. This is a pretty extensive update – see the changelist below.


General Updates:
– Latest player/staff transfers and retirements (most European major leagues still not updated, review previous change notes for details)
– Fixed Olympics draw date — thanks 92joehal!!

– Updated latest signings and other transfers
– Updated NYR cap penalties, average cap hit per year isn’t entirely accurate due to game limitations, for buyouts with a higher second year I had to spread the average amount over all 4 years — thanks ZaZooM

European Updates:
— Updated the following seeding for the Champions Hockey League and Continental Cup.
*** NOTE *** Both of these competitions are HARD CODED into the game and there is very little I can do to modify them. The CHL is still using an older 48 team format and CC is using a 17 team format, this cannot be changed!

Belarussian Updates — thanks TochilKING!!:
– Added/updated competitions and league structures Belarusian Extraliga, Belarusian Extraliga B, Belarusian Vysshaya League, and Salei Cup (Belarus Cup)
– Added/updated Belarussian clubs and arenas
– Added cities

British Updates:

– All players/staff updated — thanks Archibalduk!!

Canadian Updates:
– Updated CHL league transfer windows (trades allowed between):
— QMJHL: 6/8-6/13, 8/1-9/2, 9/19-1/6
— OHL: 5/5-5/10, 8/1-9/2, 9/19-1/6
— WHL: 4/24-4/29, 8/1-9/2, 9/19-1/6
– QMJHL teams updated:
— Acadie-Bathurst Titan to Cape Breton — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated OHL players and staff — thanks Manimal!!
– WHL and Western Canada Updates — thanks Limbic19!!
— WHL jersey numbers & heights/weights updated
— Award history added for AJHL, BCHL, SJHL, MJHL (if available)
— Minor roster movements completed

Czech Updates:

– Updated Tipsport competition history — thanks Raggamuffin!!

Danish Updates:
– Updated all Danish Metal Ligaen arenas, clubs, players and staff — thanks PanthersDK!!!

Finnish Updates:
– Started updates of Liiga, teams completed:
— Ilves
— Jukurit

Japan Updates:
– Updated all players/staff in Asia Ice Hockey League (thanks Matee!!)
– Removed Gangwon High1
– Updated with new 36 game schedule and playoff structure

Kazakhstan Updates — thanks TochilKING!!:
– Added/updated competitions and league structures for Kazakhstan Championship, Kazakhstan MHL, and Kazakhstan Cup
– Added/updated Kazakhstan clubs and arenas
– Added cities

Norwegian Updates:
– Added Norwegian First Division as human-playable with new 40 game schedule template

Polish Updates:
– Updated Polska Hokej Liga league structure and clubs — thanks Matee!!

Russian Updates — thanks TochilKING!!:
– Updated league competitions and league structures for VHL, PVHL, and MHL
– Added/updated Russian clubs and arenas
– Added cities

Slovakia Updates:
– Updated Tipsport clubs and 48 game schedule, updated transfer rules
– Updated St. Nicolaus 1. Liga clubs and 36 game schedule, updated transfer rules
– Updated 2. Liga clubs, league structure still being worked on
– Updated Tipsport and 1.Liga competition histories — thanks Raggamuffin!!
– Updated Tipsport players and staff — thanks ppaalloo!!

Swedish Updates (thanks Aahlstoem!!):
– Updated HockeyEttan, HockeyTvåan and HockeyTrean clubs
– Promoted two extra clubs to Ettan for now, this is due to massive changes that are needed to the league structure to reduce from the working 48 clubs to the real-life 46 clubs.
– Updated SHL and J18/J20 players/staff (biggest update ever to Swedish juniors!) — thanks Aalstroem!!

Swiss Updates:

– Updated all junior leagues and clubs – removed relegation from Junioren Elite

United States Updates:
– Updated commitments for the following clubs: — thanks Antho42!!
— Air Force Academy, Boston College, Boston Univ. Cornell Univ., Harvard Univ., Northeastern Univ., Ohio State Univ., Providence College and Quinnipiac Univ.
– Updated NAHL league structure, clubs, arenas and attendance figures
– Updated NAHL players and staff (356 updates!) — thanks Matee!!


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