Pivot Rosters v4.4 (2019/20) Released

A new release of the Pivot Rosters 2019/20 by xECK29x is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. This is a minor/incremental update – see the changelist below.


NHL Updates:
– Latest player/staff transfers and injuries
– Adjusted CA/PA for many NHL signed prospects, this is intended to introduce a little more randomness in PA generation and should make the sim slightly more difficult for NHL clubs — thanks IAmActuallyAnOtter!!

AHL/ECHL Updates:
– Latest player signings

Austrian Updates:

– Added/updated players/staff for EBEL — thanks ppaalloo!!

Canadian Updates:
– Updated players in OHL — thanks Manimal!!
– Updated all OHL draft picks — thanks Manimal!!
– Updated Provincial Junior C Hockey League clubs and divisions
– Updated all players in the QMJHL — thanks Antho42!!

Czech Updates:
– Updated Tipsport affiliations — thanks ppaalloo!!
– Updated all players/staff in Czech Tipsport and Chance Liga — thanks ppaalloo!!

Germany Updates:
– Added/updated players/staff and club affiliations for DEL — thanks ppaalloo!!
– Added/updated players/staff for DEL2 — thanks ppaalloo!!

Polish Updates:
– Updated Polish clubs — thanks Matee!!
– Removed foreign player limit from Polska Hokej Liga

Swiss Updates:
– Added/updated players/staff for NLA — thanks ppaalloo!!
– Updated National League (NLB) and MySports clubs, affiliations and schedule
– Fixed league structures (relegation now working properly across all leagues) — thanks Matee!!

Swedish Updates:

– Updated all players/staff for HockeyEttan — thanks Matee!!
– Fixed HockeyEttan league structure, imported the previous 48 club structure from TBL and made some minor changes to work with current clubs, this has been tested and fixes the 24.2 crash issue with Allsvenskan. Further work will be done to update this league to be accurate for the real life 46 clubs and divisions.
– Updated all players/staff in HockeyTrean and some updates for J20 SuperElit — thanks Matee!!

United Kingdom Updates — thanks ArchibaldUK:
– Removed SNL from human-playability to troubleshoot crash issues discovered during testing
– Added schedule templates to all UK playable leagues (other than NIHL) which fixes all of the previous scheduling issues
– Added the NIHL South 2 Cup as a playable tournament
– Renamed Bracknell IHC 3 to Bracknell Wasps
– Updated club reputations to better align player and staff generation with the rest of the world
– Added competition histories for the past two seasons

United States Updates:
– Updated commitments for the St. Cloud State Huskies — thanks Antho42!!
– Updated all players/staff in NAHL — thanks Matee!!


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