Pivot Rosters v4.5 (2019/20) Released

A new release of the Pivot Rosters 2019/20 by xECK29x is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. This is a fairly substantial update and features a new version of the Prospect Generator by ImActuallyAnOtter. A big thank you to xECK29x and everyone who has helped him with this release.


– HockeyEttan issues: We are going to keep this as a playable league structure but we HIGHLY recommend not using it if possible. There are a lot of known issues with it and it’s going to require extensive time to fix.
– Pooling of prospects on Maine High School hockey clubs, who end up staying there until turning pro. This appears to be a game bug, really weird issue.
– US NTDP clubs signing Canadian players, this appears to be due to game logic considering Canada as a “domestic” nation for United States leagues. This appears to be a game limitation, still investigating.

General Updates:

– Updated all currency exchange rates
– Cleaned up UFA pool and retired a lot of players/staff no longer active or valid — thanks Matee!!
– Fixed Olympic draw dates (finally) — thanks ImActuallyAnOtter!!
– Added/updated captains and staff for lots of clubs around the world, more to come!

 – Thanks ImActuallyAnOtter!!!


– Reduced the number of players generated to better control database size. Previously 500 players per draft were created for 100 years, plus ~1,000 “sons” – Total ~51,000 players . Now it is 500 players forgot the first 20 years and 128 players for the subsequent 100 years, plus ~1,000 “sons”. Total ~25,000 players. Will make for faster databases.
– Changed nation generation to better match current player distribution (more big countries, less small countries)


– Top end player generation is now more diverse. Previously I allowed -10 and -15 players to only generate 3-5 different roles within their position, that has been expanded and updated.
– Players can now have 2nd nationalities, be born in different countries, have ethnic family names etc.
– Increased the current ability of generated players across the board to compensate for EHM’s lack of prospect development in pre-draft years.
– Reduced the potential ability of generated players across the board to reduce the likelihood of a situation where too many players are top liners.
– Changed reputation generation so that players generate with lower reputations than before, this works with the CA raise above so that players are more likely to join clubs, and initial testing is showing that the likelihood of American players sitting a year because they don’t get signed by colleges is reducing (they tend to sign with AA junior clubs in Canada instead).
– Changed positional generation a bit, removed the ability for players to generate as both defenders and forwards.
– Ramped down the average consistency level generated to make it an average of 10.2 (was 11.1 before), but put in protection for all goalies, and for -10 and -15 players so it doesn’t drop lower than 8 for those guys.
– Ramped down the average important matches level generated to make it an average of 10.2 (was 11.1 before), but put in protection for -10 and -15 players so it doesn’t drop lower than 9 for those guys.
– Changed pass tendency for some roles for more diverse player generation
– Changed average injury proneness generation so players are more likely to get injured (average was around 7 before, now it’s 10) – no protection for anyone
– Changed average natural fitness generation so players will degrade younger (average was around 13 before, now it’s 10) – no protection for anyone
– Modified acceleration and speed generation so that players that generate at 15 yo or more (basically, the prospects in the first three drafts) are better generated.
– Further reduced potential ability generation as skaters were still getting too good
– increased goalie potential ability generation as good goalies were not frequent enough
– Generated 360 moderate ca / variable pa non-players between the ages of 25 & 40 to fix the long-term game staff issue better
– Reduced hidden stats generation in a way that the average hidden stats are lower, but generally don’t drop below 7. Added minimum of 9 for all -15 or higher prospects (3-4 skaters & 2-3 goalies per calendar year)
– Added a hard limit of 15 for most “growable” stats to stop op youth generation.
– Reduced top end ca generation as well to compensate for the hard limit above

– Raised salary cap to 91.5/70.2M
– Latest player/staff transfers and injuries
– Updated lots of PA and Offensive/Defensive role values for players and prospects — thanks ImActuallyAnOtter for your research!!
— ** Note ** this will impact all U23 players, it will really add a lot of randomness to player potentials, each playthrough will be much more unique!
– Updated Natural Fitness attributes for NHL players — thanks DAfleggo for the idea
– Updated ECHL trade deadline dates and playoff draw dates

– Organizational Refreshes (players, prospects, staff and other details) – big thanks to caley for his depth charts on HFB!!
— Anaheim Ducks/San Diego Gulls
— Arizona Coyotes/Tucson Roadrunners/Rapid City
— Boston Bruins/Providence Bruins/Atlanta Gladiators
— Buffalo Sabres/Rochester Americans/Cincinnati Cyclones
— Calgary Flames/Stockton Heat/Kansas City Mavericks
— Toronto Maple Leafs/Toronto Marlies/Newfoundland Growlers
— Vancouver Canucks/Utica Comets/Kalamazoo Kings
— Vegas Golden Knights/Chicago Wolves/Fort Wayne Komets
— Washington Capitals/Hershey Bears/South Carolina Stingrays
— Winnipeg Jets/Manitoba Moose/Jacksonville IceMen

Canadian Updates:

– Retired Sidney Crosby’s #87 across entire QMJHL

Czech Updates:

– Added Czech Univerzitní liga ledního hokeje (ULLH) and updated EUHL – updated players/staff — thanks Matee and Dani9!!
– Updated players/staff in 2. Liga and Krajske Ligy — thanks Matee!!
– Updated clubs and league structure for 2. Liga — thanks Matee!!

Finnish Updates:

– Updated Liiga and Mestis affiliations and players/staff — thanks ppaalloo!!

Russian Updates:

– Updated league structure for Prevenstvo Vysshey Hockey league
– Updated competition names of MHL and NMHL
– Fixed Professional Status for MHL and NMHL clubs back to junior
– Increased squad count for Russian Vysshaya Hockey League

Slovakia Updates:

– Added details for new prospects in Slovak Tipsport — thanks Antho42!!

Swedish Updates:

– Updated financial data and salaries for SHL — thanks Aahlstroem and alijali231!!
– Removed overage rule for J20 SuperElit

United Kingdom Updates — thanks ArchibaldUK:
– Updated EIHL, NIHL National/1/2 and SNL rosters as at 5 October 2019
– Added 200+ missing players and staff
– Updated dates of birth for certain players and staff
– Set approximate years of birth for players and staff where no such data is presently available
– Updated bio data, CAs, PAs and positions for various NIHL players
– Transferred player ratings from TBL Rosters v11.2 for various NIHL players
– Added club histories to all EIHL, NIHL National/1/2 and SNL teams

United States Updates:
– Reduced reps of US-HS and New England Prep school clubs to try to force more realistic player movement and reduce player pooling through entirety of juniors


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