EHM Editor v0.3.4 Released

A new version of the Eastside Hockey Manager 1 Editor is now available for download from here:

I will now be turning my attention to a brand new version of the Editor which will be redesigned and rewritten from the bottom up. Given that this will be a long term project, I will continue to take requests for minor feature improvements to the current Editor. Further details can be found HERE.

New Features:

  • Added automatic strength calculation via the Staff Mass Editor menu;
  • Added schedule template matrix import and export from/to spreadsheets via the Schedule Generator wizard; and
  • Added the option to set the favourite clubs of a player via the Tools menu or all players via the Staff Mass Editor menu.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added automatic validation of national team Professional Status when loading EHM 2004, 2005 and 2007 databases;
  • Added Club Status filter to the Players & Non-Players filter which allows for persons contracted to or playing for inactive/defunct clubs to be filtered;
  • Added Professional Status column to the club_edit Converter spreadsheet;
  • Brackets are now disregarded when matching text from an importer spreadsheet. E.g. “Belfast Giants (SNL)” will now match against “Belfast Giants SNL”;
  • Fixed bug with invalid Continental Licence values being set in certain circumstances. Simply load and save the database using the Editor to apply the fix;
  • Minor tweak to global application font;
  • “_none” is now accepted as a Continent setting in the Club Competitions importer spreadsheet;
  • Switched from Qtxlsx version 0.3 to QXlsx version 1.3.45 by Jay Two for Excel spreadsheet processing;
  • Updated various synonym and ignore_list data; and
  • Upgraded to Qt 5.13.

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