EUDB 2006/07 v7.0.1 Released

If you are looking to re-live the nostalgia of EHM 2007, you may wish to check out the first release of my Expanded Unfaking Database which is now available on the Steam Workshop HERE.

Seeing as the excellent Updated Unfaking Database v6.x (UUDB) by CJ (previously developed by AlessandroHobbit13Lazion and others) has not been touched since 2013 and is not in EHM 1 format, I figured I would try to carry on his and his predecessors’ good work. It seems a real shame that this database has not been made available in EHM 1 format. Personally, the 2006/07 season brings back some good memories; not just because it was the opening season in EHM 2007 but also because it reminds me of the time when the TBL community was still emerging.

Anyone who has tried to import the UUDB v6.1 into EHM 1 will have found that only a limited number of leagues are playable in comparison to EHM 2007. My first aim is to make all of the leagues that were playable in EHM 2007 playable in EHM 1. This is quite a time consuming process but I have made reasonable progress in the space of about two weeks. I really hope to have all leagues playable before the end of the summer, if not sooner. I also want to make some additional leagues playable too; such as the French and Italian leagues and the various additional World Championship divisions from the modern EHM 1 database. There are also the [MET] EHM 2007 scoring patch effects which I will need to reverse by rolling back certain attributes to the v6.0 UUDB attributes.

Please keep in mind that this first release is very much in its early stages. Whilst there are many playable leagues, about half of them still need further work on the rules. Most/all leagues should have reasonably accurate regular season rules, around half of playable leagues need work on post-season rules (e.g. to replace hybrid icing with automatic/touch-up icing). Please do report any incorrect rules or structures or any other issues HERE.

Further details of playable leagues can be found HERE.


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