EHM Editor v0.3.7 Released

A new version of the Eastside Hockey Manager 1 Editor is now available for download from here:

As set out in the changelist below, this release is largely a collection of tweaks and improvements rather than any ground-breaking new features. Most of my efforts are now concentrated on the new EHM Editor v2 which I would really like to release at some point later this year if I can (outside life permitting of course). Two notable changes are rolling saves and a redesigned Structure sub-screen of the Rules & Structures screen.

New Features:

  • Added Draft History mass deletion via the Competitions -> Mass Edit menu; and
  • Added rolling saves when saving a database.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added “Is Valid” columns to the Affiliations spreadsheet to indicate whether the Upper and Lower Clubs are valid (i.e. not inactive);
  • Added Nation Contracted and Job for Nation filters to the Staff screen;
  • Added Upper League and Lower League fields to the Affiliations screen;
  • Blank rows of data in a spreadsheet are now ignored when importing data (note: a row is considered blank if all of the first five columns are blank);
  • Fixed cramped/hidden checkbox settings on the Import Spreadsheet screen;
  • Fixed issue with City importer spreadsheets not matching existing city records when “[None]” or “_none” is present in the State column;
  • Increased the maximum log.txt file size from 500 lines to 1,500 lines;
  • Invalid affiliations are now highlighted in yellow in the Affiliations screen (i.e. to flag inactive clubs);
  • Redesigned the Structure sub-screen of the Rules & Structures screen;
  • The Help tab is now visible before a database or saved game is opened; and
  • Updated to Qt version 5.14 and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2019 – please ensure that you now install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Redistributable fromĀ


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