Pivot Rosters v4.11 (2019/20) Released

A final release of the Pivot Rosters for the season 2019/20 by xECK29x is now available on Steam. As always, questions/comments/feedback can be posted in the forums HERE. This is another substantial update and features updates worldwide. Changelist: General Updates: – This will be the last update for the 2019-20 season, thanks everyone who supported, downloaded and played with this database, see you next year! – Removed enforced starting ‘day of the week’ for all competitions with hard coded schedule dates, this will reduce some of the scheduling issues observed in future years of the sim. International Updates: – Updated competition names and dates for NaturEnergie Challenge and World Championships – Removed the following competition due to low importance: Kaufland Cup – Removed the following competition as it hurts human GMs playing KHL clubs, these should have the “Russia II” national-team which is not possible in-game: Deutschland Cup and European Hockey Tour – Removed the following competition due to ongoing issues: Euro Ice Hockey Challenge NHL Updates: – Updated all future transfers for next year (NCAA, CHL and Europe) – Updated potential top free agents from NCAA, Major Junior and Europe – https://theathletic.com/1638086/2020/02 … nd-europe/ – Updated several things in the extra_config including injuries, retirements and future transfer dates to fix contract lengths Belarus Updates: – Updated clubs and arenas — thanks Matee!! – Fixed Salei Cup bronze medal game — thanks Matee!! – Updated Parimatch-Extraliga A/B league names and structures — thanks Matee!! Canadian Updates: – Updated all players/staff across various junior B and C leagues — thanks Matee!! – Updated all UFA players/staff — thanks Matee!! Czech Updates: – Updated ~300 Czech UFA players/staff — thanks Matee!! – Updated all Tipsport and Chance Liga players/staff — thanks Matee!! Other European Updates: ROM, HUN, ITA, BEL, HOL, AUT, CRO, LIT, JPN, SBA, SLO free agent players/staff updated — thanks Matee!! Finnish Updates: – Updated Mestis/Liiga/Suomi-Sarja competition history — thanks Matee!! – Updated Finnish free agent players/staff — thanks Matee!! Icelandic Updates: – Added playable league structure for Icelandic League (Hertz-deild karla) and updated players/staff — thanks Matee!1 Latvian Updates: – Updated clubs and arenas — thanks Matee!! – Updated players/staff in Junioru Attistibas Hokeja liga — thanks Matee!! Russian Updates: – Updated all Russian player/staff UFAs — thanks Matee!! – Updated KHL Olympic year schedule — thanks IAmActuallyAnOtter and Sasha_Shlyapik!! – Updated transfer rules and finances for VHL and KHL — thanks Sasha_Shlyapik!! Slovak Updates: – Updated Tipsport and Hokejová Liga structures, now have accurate playoffs and seeding — thanks Matee/ppaalloo!! – Updated club short names – Updated all players/staff in Tipsport Liga and UFAs — thanks Matee and ppaalloo!! – Updated all players/staff in Slovenská Hokejová Liga — thanks ppaalloo!! – Added new players/staff to Slovenská Hokejová Liga — thanks ppaalloo!! – Updated Tipsport awards — thanks ppaalloo!! Swedish Updates: – Updated all players/staff in SHL — thanks Matee!! United States Updates: – Updated overage players in NCAA — thanks Matee!! – Updated all UFA players/staff — thanks Matee!!


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