TBL Rosters v12.4 Released

Version 12.4 of the 2019/20 TBL Rosters for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 is now available to download from Steam (click here for details). This is the fourth and final release of the database for the 2019/20 season and is a branch of the v4.11 Premier Pivot Rosters. This incorporates all changes from version 4.11 of the Premier Pivot Rosters. A full changelist can be found HERE. The TBL Rosters team and xECK29x now work together on a single roster project with all research being entered into xECK29x’s Premier Pivot Rosters. Every now and then, we “branch off” a copy of the Premier Pivot Rosters, set the transactions as at the start of the 2019/20 season and release them as the TBL Rosters. This means that the community now has a choice between playing with start of season rosters (i.e. the TBL Rosters) or up-to-the-minute rolling rosters (i.e. the Premier Pivot Rosters). By working together, we hope to cut down on duplication of work and help develop the most in depth rosters yet. A massive thank you to xECK29x, Manimal and the various people who have helped contribute to this release. Visit our TBL Rosters Forum to report any issues, errors, feedback, etc.


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