Category: EUDB 2006/07

EUDB 2006/07 v7.0.2 Released

A minor release of the Expanded Unfaking Database is now available to download via the Steam Workshop HERE. The changes are as follows: Reversed [MET] Scoring Patch from UUDB v6.1 which restores Aggression, Agitation, Consistency, Dirtiness and Offensive Role to their original values; and Added Player Roles for 1,600 skaters. Further details of the project can be found HERE.

EUDB 2006/07 v7.0.1 Released

If you are looking to re-live the nostalgia of EHM 2007, you may wish to check out the first release of my Expanded Unfaking Database which is now available on the Steam Workshop HERE. Seeing as the excellent Updated Unfaking Database v6.x (UUDB) by CJ (previously developed by Alessandro, Hobbit13, Lazion and others) has not been touched since 2013 and is not in EHM 1 format, I figured I would try to carry on his and his predecessors’ good work. It seems a real shame that this database has not been made available in EHM 1 format. Personally, the 2006/07 season brings back some good memories; not just...