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Interview with Risto Remes (EHM 2005)

Thanks to the Internet Archive, we have been able to recover an old interview from February 2005 originally published by Rabi Sultan of the now defunct (but legendary) Enjoy! I had a fantastic opportunity to visit the SI Towers in Islington, London and meet up with Risto Remes and the EHM team. Once I finally arrived having I was invited up and met with Risto Remes face to face and showed me around the testing and development labs where NHL EHM 2005 was being put through its paces. Once in the office there was a shelf dedicated to the...

Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 Patch 2.1.3 Released

This patch for EHM 2005 can be downloaded HERE. Changes since v2.1.2 News Tweaked NHL All-Star Game news items about roster selectionsFixed Memorial Cup host selection news item to appear properly Screens Fixed last 10 games display on game preview screen when less than 10 games are playedFixed the line matching options to display matched lines in the order explained in the manualAdded a new line matching optionTweaked default sorting rules on draft screens Trades/Transfers/Contracts Tweaked salary cap rules and calculations for NHLTweaked handling of salary cap restrictions and players on injured reserves when human managing but not coachingAllowed NHL...

Smetana Rosters 2.0

Now available on the site is Jan Smetana’s roster update. This is based on the Unfake Patch but it also updates NHL rosters to 10th December 2005. For example, Joe Thornton is at the Sharks. Player positions and attributes have been adjusted by Jan to create a more realistic ‘New NHL’ game experience. Download it here!

Unfake DB version 1

Version one of the Unfake DB Patch is now available at The Blue Line. This patch renames fake player, team, award, competition and arena names to their real life names. This is a must have for any EHM 2005 player! A big thanks to Kidhander, Javs, Icos, Uros, TWolf, and Jan Smetana for creating this. Download it here! Please note: This is a large file and so it may take some time before the “save file as” dialogue box appears after clicking on the download link. Please be patient – it will appear within about 15 seconds.

EHM Patch 2.1.2

SI Games have just released the final patch for NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2005. This upgrades the game to version 2.1.2. The patch fixes numerous issues and also updates the game data. Click on ‘read more…’ to view the changelist. The patch can now be downloaded from TBL HERE.

Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 Patch 2.1.2 Released

This patch for EHM 2005 can be downloaded HERE. Changes since v2.1.1 News National team match reports for USA/Canada now sent to all NHL GMs Screens Tweaked the salary roundings in the contract offer screenFixed the offer sheet approaches to display in the player profile Fixed matching offer sheets in action menu Fixed display values for non-players when ALT_DISPLAY_VALUES is turned on in extra_config.cfg Fixed search filter rangers when ALT_DISPLAY_VALUES is turned on in extra_config.cfg Trades/Transfers/Contracts Tweaked the player salary demands (especially RFAs) Tweaked player contract evaluation (reactions to long term offers) Tweaked handling of waived players in trade offers Tweaked signing of european players in...

EHM 2005 Guide Online Edition TBL is proud to announce the EHM 2005 Guide Online Edition! It is exactly the same as the current PDF version of the Guide but is more accessible and can be more easily navigated than the PDF version. The Online Edition is ideal for casual browsing and for directing people to parts of the Guide (e.g. via a forum). Once the finishing touches have been put to the site, work will start on the next version of the Guide. Suggestions on the additions and amendments to the Guide can be proposed and discussed in this thread of the TBL Forums.

Today is the day! Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 released in North America

Today is the day EHM 2005 is released in North America! Also being released today is the patch for the European version of EHM. The update includes a roster update (rosters updated as of the last week of August) and the NHL rule changes (such as the salary cap). To coincide with this news, TBL will be bringing you a number of new competitions and exclusive content: * Two fantasy hockey competitions (see here for more info)* A new fantasy hockey forum for discussion and advice on all aspects of fantasy hockey. Minstrel, our expert on fantasy hockey, has been...

Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 Patch 2.1.1 Released

This patch for EHM 2005 can be downloaded HERE. Changes since v2.1.0 News Tweaked trade inquiry news item Screens Tweaked goalie selection display on the roster screenTweaked the display of the unit tactics lock icon Trades/Transfers/Contracts Tweaked trade values of mid-range playersTweaked AI to try and trade players if over the cap rather than buying them out if in the off-season Match Engine Some additional tweaks to fighting levels across the leagues Competitions Fixed some playoff stage identification problemsTweaked all pre-season and training camp start dates to match new schedules betterTweaked NHL roster limit enforcement datesAdded the new UK Elite...

Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 Patch 2.0.2 Released

This patch for EHM 2005 can be downloaded HERE. Whilst we recommend that for the best effects you start a new game, old saved games are compatible. Most fixes should filter in within 1 year, though for best effects you should start a new game. NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 v2.0.2 Changes News Fixed duplicate regular season champions news itemsFixed missing endings on regular season champions text for some leaguesTweaking the game summary/roundup newsAward news item titles are now just the name of the awardAward news items now show the award description if availableTuned the reaction to media responses (from...