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Eastside Hockey Manager 1

EHM Simulation & Detail Settings Explained

A question that has cropped up a few times recently is about what the differences are between the simulation settings in Eastside Hockey Manager 1. Riz has very helpfully posted a very useful summary on the SI Forums setting out the differences between the two. I thought it would be helpful to provide some additional context for those who are perhaps less familiar with the simulation settings or who wonder why there are multiple settings in the first place. So this post will cover two items: Game size; and Simulation / game detail settings.

Eastside Hockey Manager 2007

Eastside Hockey Manager Guide 2007: Choosing the Line-up

Section 2 of the Guide is now available on the site: Click Here! This section discusses one way of approaching choosing your lines as well as the important attributes to keep in mind when doing so. Hopefully it will be of use for users both old and new. Progress on the Guide has been slow as of late because I’m working longer hours at my shop in the run up to Christmas. Don’t worry, however, we’re still working on the Guide and we promise it will all be completed in the relatively near future! If you have any comments/questions/suggestions about the...

Eastside Hockey Manager 2007

Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 Guide

TBL is proud to announce that the first part of our EHM 2007 Guide is now available! This follows up from last year’s EHM 2005 Guide that we wrote. This year, Shadd666 has joined us to help write the 2007 Guide. Due to the demand for a tactics guide, we started on this section first. It is now available here. Hopefully it will give users a base from which to develop and improve their own team tactics. A more printer-friendly version of the tactics guide can be viewed here. Next week we shall be releasing a PDF version to download so that you can read the...

Addons Guide

Not sure how to use WinZip to install EHM addons? Don’t know where a particular addon belongs? Want to know how to run multiple databases in EHM? Then read this useful guide in the Forums: … .php?t=699Top

EHM 2005 Guide Online Edition TBL is proud to announce the EHM 2005 Guide Online Edition! It is exactly the same as the current PDF version of the Guide but is more accessible and can be more easily navigated than the PDF version. The Online Edition is ideal for casual browsing and for directing people to parts of the Guide (e.g. via a forum). Once the finishing touches have been put to the site, work will start on the next version of the Guide. Suggestions on the additions and amendments to the Guide can be proposed and discussed in this thread of the TBL Forums.