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Eastside Hockey Manager 1

75% off EHM on Steam

Eastside Hockey Manager is currently on sale on Steam at a discount of 75%. This equates to a price of £3.74! The offer ends on Thursday 21 March 2019. You can purchase the game HERE.

Eastside Hockey Manager 1

EHM v1.4 Released

The much anticipated version 1.4 patch for Eastside Hockey Manager has now been released! Amongst the many changes is the introduction of the 2016/17 ruleset which includes the updated rules and structures for the various playable leagues. We are currently working on a new version of the TBL Roster Update which will take advantage of the updated rules and structures and expect to be in a position to release this very soon. We will post a further news item once it is ready. The full changelist from the latest patch can be found here: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/vi … 96#p222896