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EHM Editor v0.3.3 Released

A hotfix for the Eastside Hockey Manager 1 Editor is now available for download from here:https://ehmtheblueline.com/editor Fixes and Improvements: Fixed issue with certain player/staff filter settings not working; Fixed issue with player/staff names not being displayed if the Sort Staff Data setting is disabled; and Fixed minor alignment inconsistencies with certain checkboxes on filter windows. Questions/comments/feedback: CLICK HERE

EHM Editor v0.3.2 Released

Version 0.3.2 of the Editor for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 has now been released. Aside from fixing bugs and making tweaks, the focus of this release has been the various feature requests made over recent months. The main feature requests included are separate screens for draft histories/picks (via the Competitions tab) and player rights (via the People tab) as well as improved player/staff filtering. Not only can we now filter by player rights, draft history/eligibility, league playing for and league contracted, we can also filter by whether a player has previously played for a team or in a league (this...

EHM Editor v0.3.0 & v0.3.1 Released

Versions 0.3.0 and 0.3.1 of the Editor for Eastside Hockey Manager 1 have now been released. This is the first update for around six months and is a pretty extensive update. There was a very slight issue with certain spinboxes resetting in version 0.3.0 – hence the release of version 0.3.1 which is simply a hotfix. The Editor is now a 64-bit application and is now built using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2017. Consequently you must now install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable before you attempt to run the Editor otherwise it will crash. You must install the 64-bit version (also known...