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Project NHL 32X v3.2 Released

Another small update to the NHL 32X series is now available to download HERE. Changes include: Latest transfers, extensions and 2019 contracts including a host of high-profile NCAA signings which will occur in the game in the summer of 2019. I am NOT including end-of-season ATO contracts of NCAA players to the AHL/ECHL. Only future full-time contracts for the 19 season and beyond. Fixed some errors/bugs from v3.1 (Grundstrom to LA, fixed salary bug on high-profile RFA’s like Rantanen, Marner, Point, Aho and Carlo).  Big cleanup of old, retired UFA players…still not quite done but trying to be accurate here....

Project NHL 32X v3.1 Released

A minor update to BKArchitect’s Project NHL 32X is now available for download. BKArchitect suggests that whilst this update is advisable for any new games, it’s not worth starting afresh if you are deep into an existing saved game. Download: CLICK HERE Graphics pack: CLICK HERE Questions/comments: CLICK HERE

Project NHL 32X v3.0 Released

Version 3 of the Project NHL 32X roster update by BKArchitect is now available. The roster update features a pseudo-fictional update layered on top of real world rosters; essentially a fictional expansion of the NHL. It also includes two WHA leagues with fictional teams from around the world. Further details and the download links can be found HERE. Changelist: