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Happy birthday to EHM The Blue Line!

Happy 15th birthday to The Blue Line!

Today marks fifteen years of The Blue Line! A lot has happened in that time; we have seen four releases of Eastside Hockey Manager (2004, 2005, 2007 and 1), five editors (Mne2’s EHM 2004, 2005 and 2007 editors and Archi’s EHM Updater and EHM 1 Editor), the EHM Assistant, the Custom Start Date Patch, over 50 releases of the TBL Rosters and countless other roster updates and addons. Whilst the community isn’t as busy and bustling as it was in its heyday, there are still many people actively working on roster updates, addons and tools and there are even more...

New Rosters Forum

With the rise in the number of active roster projects for Eastside Hockey Manager, the Game Add-ons Forum was starting to get a bit congested with sticky threads for those various projects. We have therefore created a separate forum to discuss all things relating to roster projects HERE.

Forum upgrade [Now complete]

A minor forum software update is likely to be installed today. This will result in a short period of downtime whilst the software is upgraded. I will post a further update once the upgrade is complete or if timing is delayed. UPDATE: The forum update is now complete albeit it seems that the navigation menus in the header bar are missing. I will look into this tomorrow. UPDATE 2: The navigation menu in the forum is now back up and running.

Minor forum re-organisation

The General EHM Online Forum has now been merged into the General EHM Chat Forum. Aside from some league advertisements, there was relatively little online gameplay discussion to justify it continuing as a separate forum. The SBHL/WHL Dressing Room forum and the two Trade Block forums have also been deleted due to inactivity. Sign-up and rules threads are now located in the SBHL and WHL forums respectively.

Are you having difficulty accessing the website or finding that URLs are messed up?

If you are having any difficulties logging in or are finding that URLs are appearing in a strange manner then clear your cache and cookies. It seems that the change in site is causing Google Chrome some issues. Clearing the cache and cookies fixes this. You can always contact us via Twitter or Facebook should you have any issues.

Welcome to the new design website and forum

We are pleased to announce the upgrade of our website and forum! The last upgrade to the website was over seven years ago, on 5 March 2011. Back then we were just about to release the Lidas/Manimal Rosters v3.1 and we hadn’t yet created the Custom Start Date Patch. How things have changed in that time! The new design sees the website being split into two parts: First, we now have a dedicated news/front-end section powered by WordPress. Second, we have the forum which has been, and will continue to be, the focal point of The Blue Line. We also...

Advanced notice: Forum upgrade late May/early June 2018

Just to let everybody know that the forum will be undergoing an upgrade very soon. I am aiming to upgrade next weekend (i.e. some time between Friday 25 May and Sunday 27 May). If I fall behind schedule then it will be the following weekend. It will be apparent when the upgrade is in progress as the site will be offline. This should be a relatively quick process assuming all goes to plan (I envisage around 1-2 hours to undertake the work). I will be posting updates on our Twitter feed during the upgrade: https://twitter.com/ehmtheblueline The forum software we are...

Minor forum re-organisation

Following the release of TBL Rosters v10.0, I have taken the opportunity to re-organise the forums a little. The main change is that there is now a dedicated forum for the TBL Rosters which has been split out from the Game Addons Forum. I have also made the following changes: The DMHNL forums have been removed following the disbanding of the league. Some of the posts have been moved to the EHM Online Forum whilst others (such as trades) have been deleted; The FHM Downloads Forum has been merged into the FHM Forum; and The Dabo forums have been merged...

Secure access

I have added a redirect to the site to force access via https (i.e. secure access) rather than http (unsecure access). This provides for a more secure connection between your computer and TBL’s server. Please let me know in this thread or via Twitter if anybody has any difficulty accessing the site or logging in.

Happy birthday to EHM The Blue Line!

The Blue Line is three years old!

Happy birthday to our site!  The Blue Line is now three years old, having been online since the 27th June 2004. It’s amazing how much our site has grown from just a little Geocities page into having its own domain and an ever-growing community. A lot of things have happened over the last three years; we’ve seen three versions of SI Games’ NHL:EHM, the temporary cessation of EHM’s development, the temporary merging of our site with Sortitoutsi.net and many, many different addons for all versions of EHM (by far the most comprehensive collection on the internet). We’d like to say...