[2006-07] Updated Unfaking Database v6.1 [CJ Continuation]

Keep Eastside Hockey Manager 1 and EHM 2007 up to date with these roster updates.
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[2006-07] Updated Unfaking Database v6.1 [CJ Continuation]

Post by CJ » Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:49 pm

The Updated Unfaking Database (aka UUDB) is an EHM 2007 roster update based on the 2006/07 season. Over the years, Alessandro, Hobbit13 and jhcjobpb have been working hard at making the 2006/07 rosters as realistic as possible. Since version 6, jhcjobpb has continued the good work following v5.5 which was the final release by Alessandro and Hobbit13.

Download: http://sdrv.ms/18czYxV

Questions/Discussion Thread: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/vi ... 13&t=11256

What is Updated Unfaking?
- It is a custom database for NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 created by Sports Interactive
- It is based on the original Unfaking database
- The start date is the 2006-07 season due to game code restrictions
- It is an open and continuing project

How is it different from the original Sports Interactive database?
- A vast number of players and staff have been updated, rated, re-rated and added in order to achieve greater realism
- Many teams and leagues have been modified to achieve greater realism

How is it different from the original Unfaking database?
- The original Unfaking database was a dedicated project to simply rename and recreate player identities that were faked by Sports Interactive due to license restrictions
- This database updates, rates, re-rates and adds players, staff, clubs and competitions the changes are so huge and the range is so long that it is impossible and impractical to list every change

Who are the authors of the Updated Unfaking?
- Alessandro Seren Rosso, Johnny Duhamel, Marek Rojicek, Nikki Axelsson, Jesper Jørgensen and Timo Savela
- A handful of informants at the thebreakaway.net forums (TBN)
- See EHM credits for the original database authors
- NOTE! If you are not listed and believe you should be, then contact us at the forums

How can I contribute to the project?
- Contact us at the aforementioned website
- Registered users of TBN can contribute to the project a dedicated thread http://www.thebreakaway.net/forums/showthread.php?t=274

- NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 – 3.0.4 (final Sports Interactive patch)

- Extract the zip file to the root directory your EHM folder (the rar/zip file should have the correct folder structure)
- Run the game and select the database, UUDB (short for Updated Unfaking database) from a menu when creating a 'new game'

This addon is not meant for commercial purposes or any other means to gain profit from the data, names or identities used in this addon. This addon is compatible only with NHL EHM 2007. Use this addon on your own responsibility. However, the Updated Unfaking database should not cause any problems to your computer or to the game as it has been tested multiple times and continues to be tested. We have even cooperated with Sports Interactive and some of the people involved in this project have worked as researchers for the original database. Sports Interactive does not take responsibility of this project. Therefore do not contact the creators of the game if you need help or wish to participate in this project.

Version information:
- 1.0 = the original Unfaking database
- 2.0 = the first Updated Unfaking database
- 2.x = subsequent modified and enhanced versions of the Updated Unfaking database
- 3.0 = current version
- 3.x = subsequent modified and enhanced versions of the Updated Unfaking database
- 6.0 = read below

v6.1 updated by jhcjobpb [Download]
- Added the "EHM Scoring Realism Patch" to UUDB (= no more 70+ scorers and 10-8 games)
- Edited the attributes & PA of ~30 future prospects
- Edited the attributes & PA of ~20 NHL players

v6.0 updated by jhcjobpb [Download]
- Created around a 100 new prospects (2009-2016)
- Edited the attributes of around 400 NHL players (current & future)
- All NHL goalkeepers attributes has been changed (current & future)
- Changed players influence and team work of each NHL team so that the teams has the correct captains/alternate (+possible future captains/atlternate also)
- Many NHL and Finnish SM League team colours has been changed
- All NHL teams have nicknames
- And a tons of add-ons added

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Re: [2006-07] Updated Unfaking Database v6.1 [CJ Continuatio

Post by archibalduk » Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:12 pm

Version 6.1 has now been added to the site. Click on the download link at the very top of the first post in this thread.

- Added the "EHM Scoring Realism Patch" to UUDB (= no more 70+ scorers and 10-8 games)
- Edited the attributes & PA of ~30 future prospects
- Edited the attributes & PA of ~20 NHL players


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