#1: Gaining Entry to the Challenge & Game Setup

Think you're a good EHM GM? Our GM Challenges dare you to take over a team and make it a winner. The Challenge Forum and Centre are the hubs of our Challenges.

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#1: Gaining Entry to the Challenge & Game Setup

Post by archibalduk » Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:30 pm

1.0 What is the TBL GM Challenge?

The Challenge is a user competition that allows you to showcase your GM skills by getting the best performance out of a selected team. We choose the team, then play at home and report our stats in the Recording Thread (in the Challenge Forum). The stats are added to our Challenge Stats section (see the button located at the very top of the page, on the header image) so that you can compare your performance against other users.

The top three winners will go into the TBL Hall of Fame and your achievement is added to the 'Trophies' section of your user profile.

Winning, however, is not everything. We have a wide variety of users with completely different levels of EHM skill and knowledge. Whilst the more experienced players tend to compete to win, previous Challenges have demonstrated that it's a great way for new users to learn about EHM and improve their skill and knowledge of the game. Just taking part in the Challenges provides for a great learning experience and the opportunity for users to swap tips, tactics, stories, etc.

2.0 How to gain entry to a Challenge


There are three rules threads to read (including this one):
* Gaining entry to the Challenge and game setup
* Gameplay rules
* Stats recording and official scoring

In addition to the three rules threads, there may be important announcement threads at the top of the Challenge forum to read. You will find any announcement threads as well as links to the three rules threads at http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=20

If you are unsure of a rule, have a look through the Challenge Forum and try performing a Forum Search. If you still cannot find an answer, try asking in the Challenge Forum. To make things easier, we have written a print-out “Cheat Sheet” which features a basic summary of the main rules (you will find this file at the top of the Challenge Forum).

3.0 Game Setup

3.1 All Challenge games must be run in EHM 2007 v3.0.4 (PC / Mac) using an unmodified copy of the rosters detailed in the Challenge Centre. The required rosters may change on a Challenge by Challenge basis. Ensure that you read the announcements in the Challenge Centre to see which rosters are required.

3.2 When starting the game, you must enable “Fog of War” and “Use Real Names”. The “Start with Fantasy Draft” option should be disabled. You must play using the US Dollar currency.

3.3 Selected leagues, start date and any save files will be determined in each challenge's announcement.

3.4 If you wish, you may add a second/third GM in your game to coach your affiliate team(s). You do not have to have any involvement with their day-to-day games if you choose not to.

3.5 When adding your GM(s), “Past Experience” must be set as “Automatic”.

3.6 It is recommended that you disable human sackings.

3.7 We strongly recommend that you regularly make backups of your saved game. It would be a good idea to make a backup at every quarter so that if you suffer from a corrupt game, you can reload your save from the previous quarter. Please seek permission from the TBL Admin/Mod Team before reverting back to a previous saved copy.


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