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[1998-99] Lazion Rosters v0.1

Rosters for seasons gone by. These databases aim to recreate classic eras of ice hockey in EHM 2007.

[1998-99] Lazion Rosters v0.1

Postby Lazion » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:20 pm

A set of rosters aiming to recreate the 1998/99 season in EHM. These rosters were originally released in February 2009.

The rosters were in a work in progress and include the following features thus far:

  • 98/99 season NHL rosters (there's not yet all AHL/IHL players in the DB)
  • NHL player salaries and team budgets is fixed to match 98 season.
  • Strict player attributes, infos and histories for around 15/27 NHL teams.
  • Re-created all 99's drafted players.
  • Almost all affiliation and arena changes from year 1998 to 2008.
  • I think that I have done SM-Liiga rosters too.. and re-aged and transferred tons of players to their 98 season teams.

Download: ... 29C5C5!467

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