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2003 Chicago Blackhawks
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EHM status update from Riz (October 2016)

Riz just posted a pretty good summary of the status of EHM on the hfboards ... tcount=380

Someone had made a post saying "I just checked Steam spy and sales for EHM are around 110.000. FHM 2 is around 10.000. Yet, FHM will have new release and EHM won't. Dont understand, odd... :-( "

And Riz replied:

EHM numbers on SteamSpy were around 30-40k before the HumbleBundle deal where a lot of people then got it basically as a freebie as a part of a package of games. So those numbers can be a bit misleading.

And yes, the plans was always to get EHM back on Steam to allow us to work on it even as a side-project after the initial release with future versions something that we can look into depending on how it all goes etc.

As for the lack of updates lately, I've been quite busy with the FM release cycle this year so not a lot of time to put into EHM in the office hours. I'd like to do more EHM stuff "off-the-clock" but having our first-born daughter join the family this year has taken the front seat on the allocation of my spare time :-)

And like it was posted above in the thread, there is a very good 3rd party editor in the works on TBL and I'm also working on a built-in editor for EHM itself and that work has been ongoing since before we went into Early Access originally. It's just a complex project that takes time, since all the playable leagues can nowadays be setup via the database.

Posted by nino33
Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:42 pm

Franchise Hockey Manager 3 - Coming on 17 October

The release date and features of Franchise Hockey Manager 3 have been announced today. The game will be releasing on 17 October but those who pre-order will have access to the gold beta on 14 October and will get 25% off the retail price (the retail price is $39.99 and the pre-order offer price is $29.99). FHM 3 is the first version to include an NHL licensing of the team names, logos, etc.

The features announced so far are:

  • Officially licensed by the NHL®! Teams will have their real logos, insignias, and uniforms along with the Stanley Cup® Championship and post-season awards!
  • All-New 'Path To Glory' Mode: A streamlined and more approachable way to play, with improved game and information flow as well as news from around the world that impacts your experience.
  • Generate your GM/Coach, assign your skills as you wish, start low and work your way up - or take the helm of your favorite team and take it to the Stanley Cup® Championship!
  • New Role-Based Tactical System: Allows the coach to choose from a variety of pre-set tactics to build their team's "system" and then assign players specific roles that fit into that system.
  • Much, much more to be announced soon!

Here is the pre-order link: ... 1348230811

Here is our FHM 3 discussion thread: viewtopic.php?f=113&t=17196






Posted by archibalduk
Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:13 pm

Challenge #43 - The 2003 Chicago Blackhawks!


I'm pleased to announce our next challenge! This time around we'll be using the Chicago Blackhawks. We haven't used them in a TBL challenge since way back in Challenge #9! We're going to be using the Retro98 DB again. Nino33 did some additional work to the DB and released an UPDATE . In this challenge we'll be using a saved game from Nino33 where he simmed up to April 1st 2003.

Thanks again to CJ, Nino33, and everyone else that contributed to the Retro98 DB!

The rules and setup laid out in this post supersede anything found in any other posts or old challenge rules!

So here is how this challenge is going to work...

First, download the SAVED GAME and put it in your Games folder. It's usually something like C:\Users\<Name>\Documents\Sports Interactive\EHM.

Next, launch EHM and load "Challenge 43 - Retro Chi". Once the save has loaded you'll be brought to a placeholder GM. Go up to where it says "F.LastName" and click the dropdown arrow. Select "Retire". You'll be brought to the screen where you can add a new GM. Add yourself (past experience set to "Automatic") and select the Chicago Blackhawks as the team you'll control. At this point you may also add a GM for your AHL affiliate, the Indianapolis Ice, if you'd like to control them as well.

So at this point, you'll see that it's April 1st 2003 and the NHL season is almost over and the Blackhawks are currently in last place. The first thing you'll want to do is send out scouts to scout the upcoming NHL draft. You're going to have a high pick so you'll want a good report on these players. You'll also have Ottawa's first round pick from a deal that the previous GM made. That pick shouldn't be as high since Ottawa is a playoff team. I would also suggest scouting the AHL and NHL so you'll have some scouting reports once it's time to start trading. There's only 3 games left in the season. Let the head coach pick the roster and lines. Also, choose to not coach the games yourself (just for these 3 games) in the General Manager Options.

At this point, you can re-sign your players and staff with expiring contracts and if there's any unsigned prospects whose rights are expiring you can sign them too. Other than that, you should just sit back and keep hitting continue until the draft comes. For this first draft, you will not be allowed to make any trades. Just take your picks. Once July 1st 2003 rolls around, that's when you can really get to work.

Once you hit July 1st 2003 you can start making some moves. At this point you'll be able to hire and fire staff, make trades, and sign UFAs. The following rules with be enforced from this point...

1 for 1, 1 for 2, 2 for 1, and 2 for 2 deals allowed.
Any players involved in trades must be under contract. No "player rights" trading allowed!
There will be no age restrictions on players traded this time. In the past we limited it to younger players.
Draft picks are allowed as components of the deal, except 1st rounders. Only picks for the next draft are allowed.
Example : Player for a 2nd round pick, 2 players for a 2nd and a 3rd round Pick, or Player for Player, and so on.

The league has a salary cap of $48M. The team we'll be taking over has $36.4M in contracts but the Averaged Club Salary (which is what the cap looks at) is only $22.8M. We'll be enforcing a challenge budget of $34M (that's the Averaged Club Salary).

Others Points:
No waiver claims allowed!
UFA signing is allowed. Either 2 players for $525k or less OR 1 player for $1M or less allowed each season.
No restrictions on staff hiring and firing other than you have to wait until July 1st of that first season to do any of it. After that, it's open season!
You may run your AHL affiliate. You don't have to coach the games for your affiliate. You can even "Go On Vacation" with your AHL GM and check in occasionally. What you do there is totally up to you.
You must coach your NHL games and you may NOT go on vacation with your NHL GM.
It's recommended that you keep backup saves in case you have to go back. I usually have a save for every quarter.

Standard stats logging and screenshots will be required!
Go HERE to upload your stats each quarter.
Go HERE to post your screenshots at the end of each season. Look at some of the other users screenshots from previous challenges if you're not sure what you should be taking screenshots of.

All challenge #43 talk goes HERE.

That should cover it. If you have any questions please ask in the forums. We've got many challenge veterans that can help answer many of your questions. Other than that, good luck! :thup:

Posted by bruins72
Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:21 pm

Challenge 42 Winners!

Congratulations to the following users for finishing in the top 3 in the 1998/99 Tampa Bay Lightning Challenge! You can view the overall standings by clicking here. As always, a massive thank you to Bruins72 who works tirelessly to keep the Challenges running! :notworthy:

All of the users below have been awarded the usual trophies and TBL Points.

Season 1
:1st: bede420
:2nd: saberhagen83
:3rd: cecede123

Season 2
:1st: Peter_Doherty
:2nd: bede420
:3rd: braeden

Season 3
:1st: Beukeboom
:2nd: m0fownz0r
:3rd: braeden

Season 4
:1st: bruins72
:2nd: m0fownz0r
:3rd: Asher413

Season 5
:1st: Asher413
:2nd: stone169
:3rd: bruins72

Season 6
:1st: bruins72
:2nd: m0fownz0r
:3rd: Beukeboom

Season 7
:1st: m0fownz0r
:2nd: Beukeboom
:3rd: MWE

Posted by archibalduk
Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:32 pm

Challenge 41 Winners!

Congratulations to the following users for finishing in the top 3 in the Djurgardens IF Challenge! You can view the overall standings by clicking here. As always, a massive thank you to Bruins72 who works tirelessly to keep the Challenges running! :notworthy:

All of the users below have been awarded the usual trophies and TBL Points.

Season 1
:1st: Huega
:2nd: braeden
:3rd: cecede123

Season 2
:1st: Huega
:2nd: m0fownz0r
:3rd: NorthernLights

Posted by archibalduk
Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:32 pm

Challenge 40 Winners!

Congratulations to the following users for finishing in the top 3 in the New York Rangers Challenge! You can view the overall standings by clicking here. As always, a massive thank you to Bruins72 who works tirelessly to keep the Challenges running! :notworthy:

All of the users below have been awarded the usual trophies and TBL Points.

Season 1
:1st: Kopi
:2nd: jesterx7769
:3rd: Smylie

Season 2
:1st: Kopi
:2nd: jesterx7769
:3rd: Peter_Doherty

Season 3
:1st: Kopi
:2nd: Asher413
:3rd: m0fownz0r

Season 4
:1st: MWE
:2nd: saberhagen83
:3rd: Asher413

Posted by archibalduk
Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:32 pm

New version of the 1998/99 roster update released

A new version of the 1998 DB for EHM has been released today. This is a very significant update with the database essentially rebuilt from the ground up.

The database is no longer “NHL centric” but is now truly a worldwide database! The database features authentic teams, players and staff from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, Major Junior and European/Russian Leagues as well! The database no longer includes “modern players/staff” and a huge amount of detail has been added to the historical players.

The database includes player histories and authentic future prospects from 1998 up to the present!). In addition to the historical players from North American Leagues there are also historical players for the Elite Leagues in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland (+2 lower leagues), France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden (+2 lower leagues) and Switzerland too.

As well teams in most leagues were reviewed and corrected for 1998 and affiliations were set. The Staff are correct/historical for the NHL and Major Junior. THOUSANDS of players have been edited! Player Roles, CA/PA and Attributes!

A huge THANK YOU to CJ and Nino who have put in a huge amount of work to bring us this update (along with the help of number of other users). =D>

The roster update can be downloaded here: viewtopic.php?f=116&t=13516

To coincide with the release of this update, a new challenge featuring the 1998 DB has commenced today. Everybody is welcome to join in. More details can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=74&t=16726

Posted by archibalduk
Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:20 pm

Challenge 42 - The 1998 Tampa Bay Lightning!


I'm happy to announce our latest TBL Challenge! CJ and Nino have given me early access to their new Retro 98 DB so we can use it for the challenge before it's official release. These guys (along with the researchers helping them) have put in some great work on this new DB and I think they've created a very immersive retro db for us all to enjoy.

A big thanks to jhcjobpb and nino33!

So for this challenge we'll be starting from a saved game that you can download HERE.

All rules detailed in this announcement post supersede any rules listed in the challenge rules section.

For this challenge you'll put the saved game you downloaded into your saved games folder, usually something like this...

C:\Users\<computer_name>\Documents\Sports Interactive\EHM\Games

Load the game and you should be set!

The rules for the challenge are as follows...

  • No trading in season 1!
  • Trading opens once the 1998/1999 Stanley Cup Finals are over. After that, you're allowed to trade at any point the NHL allows you to.
  • You may not trade for anyone over the age of 25. You are allowed to keep your older players and resign them though.
  • Trades can not include 1st round draft picks or unsigned prospects.
  • No more than 2 assets can be involved on either side of a trade. This means you're allowed 1 for 1, 2 for 1, 1 for 2, and 2 for 2 deals.
  • UFA signings are not allowed!
  • Waivers claims are not allowed!
  • You may re-sign your own RFAs and impending FAs at any time. ie If your team currently owns the NHL rights to a player, you can offer them a new contract.
  • Non-Playing Staff may be hired and fired at will.

Beyond that, normal challenge rules apply. Please ask if you have any questions. Save often and keep backup to certain dates in case you have to go back due to a crash or rules infraction. Also, in the game preferences, be sure to disable compressed saves. This has caused corruption in the past.

All challenge talk goes HERE.

Posted by bruins72
Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:15 pm

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